Our Location...

617 Lucas Administration Center
Nunn Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41099

Phone: (859) 572-5265
Fax: (859) 572-6995
E-mail: purchasing@nku.edu


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Campus Directions


Our People


Blaine Gilmore, MPA
Interim Director
Office: AC 620
Phone: (859) 572-6449
E-mail: gilmoreb@nku.edu


Holly Vasquez
Pro-Card Administrator
Office: AC 617
Phone: (859) 572-5171
E-mail: vasquezh1@nku.edu


Jennifer Moeves
Office: AC 617A
Phone: (859) 572-5266
E-mail: moevesj2@nku.edu


Betty Castle

Expediting Specialist
Office: AC 617
Phone: (859) 572-5267
E-mail: castlebe@nku.edu


Ryan Straus
Bid Specialist
Office: AC 617A
Phone: (859) 572-6605



Worth Allen
Student  Specialist
Phone: (859) 572-5119
E-mail: allenw1@mymail.nku.edu