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RGC Mission Statement

The Office of Research, Grants and Contracts (RGC) is committed to supporting research and scholarly activities throughout the university by providing internal support for external funding opportunities, while also maintaining compliance with federal, state and institutional requirements.






RGC News and Updates




XLerator Network

  • XLerator Network is the SBC recipient of NIGMS grant funding with UK as the Lead Acadmic Partner.  This brochure provides more information and hub resources.

NIH Data Sharing Rules

  • All grantees holding any NIH-funded grant now have to submit a detailed plan for sharing data.  Additional information can be found in this online journal article

NSF Sexual Harassment Policies

  • NSF has released a new policy which provides requirements for reporting harassment.  For more informaiton, please visit this RGC Research Compliance website

Free Kentucky Academy of Science Annual Membership

  • NKU is a Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) enhanced affiliate.  Any NKU faculty, staff, or student may join KAS for free.  Become a member to utilize all that KAS has to offer! Please use your NKU email address for registration.



New Conflict of Interest Disclosure System

  • The Office of Research, Grants and Contracts is upgrading to a new grant required financial conflict of interest/foreign influence disclosure system. The new system, Mentor COI, will help to streamline disclosures and make it easier for Investigators to complete ad hoc and annual disclosures for each grant. Instructions can be found in the Mentor COI system and, for new disclosures, will be sent to you by NKU Grant Administrators to ensure a seamless transition.

NKU Facilities & Other Resources

  • Most current Facilities & Other Resources template for use when applying to specific funding agencies. 

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

  • RGC Financial Conflict of Interest webpage has been updated.  Please review the FCOI webpage for background information, additional resources, and a link to the Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure (FCID) form. 


  • Explore the free, easy-to-use, DMPTool for creating your Data Management Plan. For detailed information about this tool, please visit the RGC Data Management webpage.


  • Updated instructions for accessing SPIN (a funding search tool) and setting up SMARTS notifications is now available.  Please contact us if you would like assistance in setting up an account or updating your keywords!

Our People

Mary Ucci, sitting at a desk.

Craig Holloman
Phone: 859-572-5768

Anita Southwick, sitting at a desk.

Anita Southwick
Manager of Research Compliance
Phone: 859-572-5168

Heath Justice, standing near a desk.

Heath Justice
Manager of Research Development
Phone: 859-572-6515

Renee Brossart, standing outside.

Renee Brossart
Senior Grant Administrator
Phone: 859-572-7532

Erica Taylor standing in front of a lake.

Erica Taylor
Phone: 859-572-5136