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Planning a successful project is an essential aspect of the grant-seeking process. It is important to understand the project for which funding is sought in order to effectively search for potential funding opportunities. The following are some important considerations that should be taken into account in the project planning process:

  • Who will be involved in the project? Organize the project team early and communicate with all team members often. Keeping everyone involved and informed will help facilitate a successful proposal writing experience and will also create a solid foundation for the project’s implementation if the proposal is funded.
  • For whom is the project being undertaken? Understanding the target population and their needs can be very helpful in making a strong argument for the project’s needs and is important in designing a project that will meet those needs.
  • Why is the project being undertaken? Team members should be motivated to take on the project and should understand why the work is important.
  • What will the project achieve? Having a goal in mind is essential to the project planning process. Team members should understand what the project will accomplish and be able to convey this in the grant proposal.
  • How will the project’s goals be achieved? Planning a course of action for meeting the outlined goals is an essential step and will provide the framework for the project’s implementation.
  • When will the goals be achieved? It is important to set up a timeframe in which the project will occur and determine how much time is needed to accomplish goals.
  • What resources are needed for the project? Consideration should be given to what resources are already available, what can be secured without external funding, and what needs to be included in the funding request.