Applying for IACUC Approval 
All research, teaching, and/or testing involving live animal use must be reviewed and approved by the NKU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before any work can begin. Review of an Animal Care and Use Protocol by the IACUC is required regardless of animal use site (on campus or elsewhere), funding source, species, or animal numbers. The IACUC protocol must be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) as the responsible party for all animal activities listed in the protocol. Only persons holding faculty appointments or professional researcher or instructor positions may serve as Principal Investigators on animal protocols. 

Getting started in 5 easy steps:

1. Complete the relevant IACUC application and relevant appendices


2. Complete the Addition of Personnel or Addition of Students list (if applicable)


3. Complete the required IACUC training - Required for all researchers


4. Complete the Animal Contact Assessment - Required for all researchers


5. Submit the application to

IACUC Review Process
IACUC Process