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DATE: 2/8/2021
TO: NKU Campus Community
FR: Tom Ramstetter, Director of University Communications
RE: Inclement Weather Clarification

Dear NKU campus community,

With winter weather approaching the tri-state area this evening and extremely cold weather forecast later this week, we have already seen some delays at local P-12 schools and we have become aware of some questions as to how any delays or closings would affect NKU.

Now that we have a larger percentage of online synchronous and hybrid courses, as well as a larger number of staff who are working from home, a delay or closing due to inclement weather will apply to all students, faculty and staff, whether working and learning from campus or from home. A delay or closing announced by the university will apply to the entire campus and only essential personnel would be expected to begin work as scheduled. In a delay, all other staff and faculty will begin work — either in person or remotely —at the delayed start time. In the event of a closing, all other staff and faculty will not report for work.

As a reminder, weather conditions, forecast, time of day and availability of resources are considered by President Vaidya when deciding whether to close the university, delay opening on a particular day or announce an early closure. This decision is made based on safety concerns and recommendations from staff who monitor local weather, road conditions and snow management resources. The Department of Public Safety and Facilities Management confer with senior university leadership and a recommendation is made to the President.

A decision to CLOSE or DELAY is made before 6 a.m. and relayed using Norse Alert and local news media. Similarly, an EARLY CLOSURE is announced using the same channels of communication as early in the day as is practical. Athletic events generally follow university procedure unless exceptions are needed. Such exceptions are communicated to athletes and other groups by the Athletics Department.

Finally, Norse Alert is one of NKU’s communication tools to keep students, faculty, and staff informed during situations like weather-related closings through text, email, phone messages, Twitter and Facebook. If you have not subscribed to receive these important messages, you can do so now by clicking here. All NKU email addresses will receive an alert message. Those who are registered will receive a message via email and text.

Thank you and stay safe.

Tom Ramstetter ('01, '08)
Director of University Communications
Northern Kentucky University
AC 701E
(859) 572-1303