While the University takes every precaution to ensure your safety from fire, there are things you can do to protect yourself in the event of a fire in your dorm room. Remember these simple DO's and DON'Ts.

If you are awakened by the sound of a fire alarm:

  • Don't sit up!
  • Roll out of your bed.
  • Stay low.
  • Crawl to the door.
  • Feel the door to see if it is hot.
  • If the door is not hot, kneel against the door and open it slightly.
  • Check the hall for smoke and flames.
  • If no smoke or flames, crawl along the floor of the corridor to the fire exit, staying low and using doorways as the guide.
  • Leave the building and do not re-enter until an authorized person signals it is safe to do so.

Remember the following fire safety tips:

  • Outlets should never be overloaded with multiple plugs.
  • Do not use extension cords, only use multi outlet devices that have their own self contained circuit breaker.
  • Never cover light bulbs with paper or clothing.
  • Candles are not permitted in dormitories because of the fire hazard.
  • Torchiere halogen lamps are strictly forbidden.