108. Legislative Procedure

A. Committee Chair Consultation

1. Resolution may be submitted by individual Senator or Committee (represented by the chair)

2. Chair reviews research and language of proposed resolution with sponsoring Senator.

3. Committee chair meets with Executive Board for review.


B. Legislative Liaison Review

1. Legislative Liaison reviews grammar and spelling as well as format consistency with all legislation.

2. Returns updated resolution to sponsoring Senator via e-mail.

3. Sponsoring Senator submits resolution to Secretary of Administration, via e-mail, to be placed on Meeting Agenda.

    i. Must be submitted by 4:30 P.M. the day before the next regularly scheduled Executive Cabinet Meeting.

4. Secretary of Administration e-mails resolution to Senate 24-hours prior to Meeting.


C. Executive Board Review

1. Executive Board offers advice to Committee Chair on resolution.

2. Committee Chair consults with sponsoring Senator regarding Executive Board’s review.

3. Sponsoring Senator submits resolution to Legislative Liaison via email.

D. First Reading

1. Committee Chair shall announce resolution, along with any accompanying comments, in their respective report.

2. Under “New Business,” Committee Chair or Sponsoring Senator reads before the Senate.

    i. Suggestive (non-motioned) amendments may be offered prior to the second reading.

3. Sponsoring Senator is responsible for acceptance or denial of ALL suggestive amendments proposed.

4. The amended resolution must be submitted, via e-mail, to the Secretary of Administration by 4:30 P.M. the Thursday prior to Second Reading

5. Secretary of Administration e-mails amended resolution to Senate 24-hours prior to meeting.

E. Second Reading

1. Committee Chair shall announce resolution in their report.

2. Under “Old Business”, Chair or sponsoring Senator reads amended copy before the Senate.

3. ONLY motioned amendments may be offered at this time.

4. Upon a “Call to Question”, the resolution is read as amended and a “Motion to Accept Resolution as Read” may be made.

5. Sponsoring Senator must submit final amended copy to Legislative Liaison immediately following vote.

F. Resolution Final Formatting

1. Legislative Liaison enters amendments into final copy and notes as “PASSED”, “FAILED”, or “TABLED”.

2. Legislative Liaison places on President’s desk for Consideration.

    i. No legislation shall be submitted to the President unless ALL other signatures on the resolution are made.

    ii. Failure by a Senator to sign their resolution may result in a pocket veto.

G. President’s Consideration

1. Signs or Vetoes

    i. If not signed after 10 days of Senate passage, Resolution is pocket vetoed.

2. If veto occurs, Legislative Liaison shall note as “VETOED” until overturned by Senate.