a.    Agenda

    1.      The following shall be considered the order of business for the representative assembly:

        1.      Call to Order

        2.      Roll Call

        3.      Pledge of Allegiance

        4.      Reading of Minutes

        5.      Open Session

        6.      Executive Board Reports

                a.      Secretary of Public Relations

                b.      Secretary of Student Involvement

                c.       Secretary of Administration

                d.      Vice President

                e.       President

        7.      Committee Reports

        8.      Ex-Officio Reports

        9.      Advisors Reports

        10.  Old Business

        11.  New Business

        12.  Announcements

        13.  Adjournment


b. Time and Place of Meeting

1.      All regular meetings of the Student Government Association [SGA] shall be held on Monday of each week, at 3:30 P.M. during the regular school year, provided it is an official school day.

2.      All regular meetings of the SGA shall, when possible, be held in the Governance Room in the Student Union.

c. Definition of Quorum

1.      A majority of the Senate, excluding vacancies, shall constitute quorum with the authority to conduct business, as provided for in the SGA Constitution.

d. Definition of Vote Margin

1.      The vote on motions to adjourn, to approve officers or their actions shall be determined by those Senators present and voting at the meeting.

2.      The vote on any other matters and business before the SGA shall be determined by the total votes cast by those Senators present and voting.

e. Adoption of Standing Rules

1.      The SGA shall establish any standing rules of order it deems fit for the orderly process of business.

2.      These standing rules shall not conflict with any of the bylaws adopted herein.