A.  Budget Approval

     1.   The Senate shall approve or disapprove any budget submitted to it by the Executive Board within the first two meetings of the semester.

     2.   The Senate shall have the power to appropriate monies necessary to carry out its actions.

     3.   The Senate shall have the power to disapprove any monies spent by the Executive Board or the committee chairpersons not appropriated by the Senate, provided they show just cause.

     4.   The Senate shall be provided a monthly detailed report of all expenditures from the SGA budget.

B.  Legislative Functions

     1.   The SGA membership reserves the right to enact legislation on behalf of the student body.

        i.   All resolutions must be submitted to the Secretary of Administration by 4:30 P.M. on the day before the next regularly scheduled Executive Cabinet Meeting.

     2.   Only the Board of Regents, the SGA Senate, and the process of student recall can overturn a constitutional act of the SGA.

     3.   This legislation, provided it is not in conflict with the constitution of the SGA, shall be effective throughout the student body.