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Staff Congress Staff Book Award

The Staff Congress Book Award application is available for fall 2017 on August 4 to August 11, 2017!

If you are a staff member of the university and will be taking a course in the fall 2017 please consider applying for this award given by Staff Congress!
You can find the application at:

Please look out for email announcement from the Staff Congress listserv!

*This award is open to all full-time staff members who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree or enrolled in a certificate program.

Winners for Spring 2016

Audra Points
Biological Sciences, 
Wendy Seifert
Transfer Services


Spring 2015 Book Award Recipients

Monica Twehues,
Custodial Services
Sopheap Sok Verba,
Advancement Services


Fall 2015 Book Award Recipients

Christina Cooper,
Media & Mktg Graduate Center/Graduate Progs.
Megan Peek,
Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost.