Northern Kentucky University’s Special Collections and University Archives has a responsibility to maintain all material entrusted to its care in good condition. Researchers are asked to exercise the greatest care in handling documents and books and not mark them in any way. The Archives reserves the right to limit the use of restricted records as well as collections which are unprocessed or fragile. The following policies are intended to help preserve the University’s collections.

  1. Researchers are required to register upon their first visit to the Archives Research Room. Please sign in on each subsequent visit. Registration forms will become a permanent record of the department.
  2. Collections are available to the public for the purpose of research. Persons under the age of sixteen, however, will not be permitted to use materials unless they are accompanied by adults who will take responsibility for the safe use of the materials.
  3. All bags, coats, packages and briefcases must be stored in provided lockers [away from the research tables]. The staff reserves the right to inspect all notebooks, laptops and personal belongings prior to a Researcher’s departure from the Archives Research Room.
  4. No food or beverages are allowed in the Archives Research Room.
  5. In order not to disturb others, please silence all cell phones. Step outside of the Reasearch Room to make telephone calls.
  6. All material must be used in the Archives Research Room.
  7. Researchers must use pencil or a laptop computer for note taking. Pens, markers, scanners and digital cameras may not be used in the Archives Research Room.
  8. Care must be taken in handling all Special Collections and University Archiesl material. All items must lie flat on the tables. Nothing is to be placed on top of the material, excepting book snakes.
  9. The original order of all collections must be maintained. Do not rearrange any material. Please report any disarrangement to the staff.
  10. Limited photocopy services are available. Refer to Reproduction Request Agreement for information. The Archives reserves the right to limit the number of copies made and to refuse to copy any item if such copying will damage the material. Copies of entire books, manuscript collections or archival record groups will not be made. We reserve the right to refuse to copy material which in our judgment would violate copyright law.
  11. Researchers who wish to publish, reprint or reproduce materials in the collection must request permission in writing from the University Archivist.