Whenever records are destroyed, a form must be filled out and filed with the state and with Records and Information Management. This form is the only record we have to prove that documents were legally destroyed as required by law.

NOTE: According to the retention schedule copies of many records are to be sent to the Archives. Due to space constraints, the material the Archives can accept is severely limited. Please contact Special Collections and University Archives at (859) 572-5742 before transferring any material to the University Archives.

Procedures for Destroying University Records

  1. Before destroying any records, authorization should be established by checking the State University Model Records Retention Schedule. You will need the "record series number", "title" and "length of retention". If, after searching the schedule,  you cannot locate or identify the correct record series for your records, please contact Records and Information Management for further assistance.
  2. Complete the Records Destruction Certificate form. Download the fillable PDF and open with Adobe Reader. Consult Volume Tips for help in determining the cubic feet or megabyte size of records.
  3. Print a copy of the completed form and sign as records custodian. Maintain a copy for your records.
  4. Send the completed, signed physical copy to: Vicki Cooper, Records and Information Management, SL106B
  5. Records and Information Management will let you know when the records are cleared for destruction.
  6. After receiving notification that the Records Destruction Certificate has been approved, proceed to destroy the records. If necessary, submit a service request for the recycling team to pick up the records for shredding.

If you have any questions regarding the form and how to complete it, please contact Records and Information Management.

Litigation Holds

A litigation hold is a temporary order to halt destruction of specific records, regardless of retention period. This halt is issued by the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel in order to preserve records needed for pending litigation.

Legal Affairs will send electronic notices to all department heads on campus informing them of the nature of the records to be held. When these records are no longer needed for litigation, Legal Affairs will remove the hold and notify department heads electronically.

Once a litigation hold has been issued, the affected records cannot be destroyed for any reason until the hold is removed by Legal Affairs.

If you have any questions, please contact Legal Affairs.

Unlisted Records

Records not expressly listed on either retention schedule cannot be destroyed without consent. A department wishing to destroy such records must receive permission from KDLA before doing so. The department must complete a Record Description and Analysis form which describes the nature of the records. This form is sent to KDLA, who determines the appropriate retention time for the records. The form and instructions are available from Records and Information Management.

Please contact Records and Information Management if you have any additional questions.