Box 7 - Papers, 1890-1948

Folder 207

ca. 1890 - A school composition by May Bruce Green on the subject of witchcraft.

Folder 208

ca. 1890's - AMS - High school report by Mary Bruce Green about Cleopatra

Folder 209

4 April 1891 - AL - Henry Bruce, Jr. [Kansas City, MO] to Mary (May) Bruce Green. Bruce is glad she appreciated the dictionary he sent her, and the strawberries sent by her Aunt Lillie. The last page(s) of the letter is missing.

Folder 210

26 July 1891 - ALS - Henry Bruce, Jr. ["Prior Lake", MN] to Nannie Bruce Alexander and Henrietta Bruce Green. Bruce is enjoying his fishing trip, and writes in honor of his own eightieth birthday.

Folder 211

26 July 1891 - AL - Henry Bruce, Jr. reflects on his life on the day of his eightieth birthday.

Folder 212

26 October 1891 - ALS - May (Mary) Bruce Green [Eureka Springs, AR] to Henry Bruce, Jr. [Kansas City, MO]. May writes to her Grandfather from school. The letter is news of school, and mention of a desire to return to live in Covington, KY.

Folder 213

26 October 1891 - ALS - Henry Bruce, Jr. [Kansas City, MO] to Mary (May) Bruce Green [Eureka Springs, AR]. Bruce admonishes his granddaughter to learn all she can in school. He also conveys the news of the death of his sister, Eleanor Bruce Morgan.

Folder 214

30 October 1891 - ANS - A note accompanying a trunk of clothing, giving the history of each item. The note was originally written by Nannie Bruce Alexander. The note was later added to by her daughter Pauline Bruce Alexander McLaird 24 September 1917.

Folder 215

8 November 1891 - ALS - May Bruce Green [Eureka Springs, AR] to Henry Bruce, Jr. [Kansas City, MO]. In response to Bruce's letter of 26 October, May says she found his words inspiring, and is studying hard. She mentions the possibility of going away to school the following year. She mentions the story of Italy's Queen Margherita, and conveys news of her neighbors.

Folder 216

16 November 1891 - ALS - Henry Bruce, Jr. [Kansas City, MO] to Henrietta Bruce Green [Eureka Springs, AR]. Family news and pride over a well-written letter from May Bruce Green.

Folder 217

29 November 1891 - ALS - Henry Bruce, Jr. [Kansas City, MO] to May Bruce Green [Eureka Springs, AR]. Bruce sends her a Thanksgiving poem, and comments on a drawing she sent in her last letter.

Folder 218

6 January 1892 - TL - Ann Bruce Morgan to Lucinda Bruce Morgan. Fragment of a letter relating the death of Henry Bruce, Jr. Location of original unknown.

Folder 219

5 June 1892 - ALS - Nannie Bruce Alexander [Kansas City, MO] to Mary (May) Bruce Green [Eureka Springs, AR]. Nannie writes to tell her niece that the entire family is looking forward to her coming home shortly at the close of the school year. She reminisces about sending Mary to school at the beginning, and wishes Mary would spend all of her vacation in Missouri instead of leaving for Kentucky.

Folder 220

16 September 1892 - May Bruce Green [Bradford Academy, Bradford, MA] to Henrietta Bruce Green [Kansas City, MO]. Having just arrived at her new school, May describes her journey and her school to her mother. She sends messages to various friends and family at home. She also mentions the cholera outbreak in New York, telling her mother not to worry because the air on the hilltop is good, and the drinking water is all boiled.

Folder 221

ca 1892-93 - May Bruce Green [Bradford Academy, Bradford, MA] to Henrietta Bruce Green [Kansas City, MO]. May writes home about the events at school, her desire for a trip to Boston, and her request for more spending money.

Folder 222

12 July 1893 - A program card from the "family gathering of the late George S. Bruce" given for "their visiting cousins, Retta Bruce Green and May Bruce Green". The card lists the dinner menu and the people attending the dinner.

Folder 223

ca. 1896 - AN - Probably Henrietta Bruce Green [Boston, MA] to May Bruce Green [Bradford, MA]. The letter is most likely from Henrietta who writes to May and two other girls who just returned to Bradford Academy after visiting her in Boston. The subject is a bouquet of flowers sent by a cousin.

Folder 224

January 1897 - ANS - Note from Mary Bruce Green to Mrs. DeKay Thompson authorizing her to be Mary's proxy at the upcoming Colonial Dames meeting.

Folder 225

18 January 1897 - D.A.R. membership cards for Henrietta Bruce Green and Mary (May) Bruce Green.

Folder 226

19 February 1897 - ANS - Catherine R. Collins [Covington, KY] to Henrietta Bruce Green [Boston, MA]. Collins writes as the Secretary for the Elizabeth Kentucky Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution to notify Green that her and her daughter's membership applications have been accepted.

Folder 227

ca. 1890's - ALS - Mary Bruce Green to Frederick Sharon discussing her trip to Boston and how it was 102 degrees but beautiful, other family news.

Folder 228

13 October [n.y.] - ALS - Frederick C. Sharon [Kansas City, MO] to Mary (May) Bruce Green [Lynn, MA]. A brief love letter written before boarding a train.

Folder 229

11 January 1904 - TLS - F.P. Axley [Murphy, NC] to Frederick C. Sharon [Kansas City, MO]. Axley, an attorney in North Carolina, writes urging Sharon to accept an offer on his wife's land in North Carolina.

Folder 230

22 January 1904 - TL - Frederick C. Sharon [Kansas City, MO] to F.P. Axley [Murphy, NC]. Sharon and his wife, May (Mary) Bruce Green Sharon, have discussed the matter and decided to accept the offer made on the North Carolina land.

Folder 231

5 March 1912 - Telegram from C.B. Shelby [Spokane, WA] to Henrietta Bruce Green [St. Louis, MO]. News of the death of Linden C. Alexander. Shelby wishes to know what to do with Alexander's body.

Folder 232

ca. 1921 - ANS - Note from "Babe" to Jeme expressing disappointment that Jeme and Lillie will not be able to visit and will miss a trip to Cooperstown.

Folder 233

June 1928 - Two tickets to the Republican National Convention in Kansas City. One has been used, the other has not.

Folder 234

ca. 1920's - Early drawings of Mary Bruce Green(Sharon) of flappers and other passengers on the ship 'S.S. South American'.

Folder 235

ca. 1932 - ALS - Mrs. H.B. Green [Kansas City, MO] to Jemmie relaying family news

Folder 236

ca. 1932 - ALS - Mrs. Charles E. Wortham, Jr. [Richmond, VA] to Mary Bruce Green Sharon. A letter regarding the death of Mary's mother.

Folder 237

15 April 1937 - AL - Probably from one of their children [Kansas City, MO] to Frederick C. and Mary (May) Bruce Sharon [Kansas City, MO]. A letter giving heartfelt thanks for two great parents.

Folder 238

6 September 1939 - ALS - Frederick C. Sharon [Kansas City, MO] to his wife, May (Mary) Bruce Green Sharon. A birthday love letter for May, who is now in her sixties.

Folder 239

10 July [possibly 1940s] - ALS - Frederick C. Sharon [Kansas City, MO] to his wife, May (Mary) Bruce Green Sharon. Accompanied an anniversary gift of gloves. It was their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary.

Folder 240

11 March 1941 - TDS - Affidavit of birth and delayed birth certificate for Frederick C. Sharon, filed in Carrollton, Greene Co., IL.

Folder 241

8 December 1948 - Note of paintings and their value written on American British Art Gallery [New York City, NY] stationary.

Box 8 - Papers, miscellaneous

Folder 242

13 January 1953 - Photocopy of Cincinnati Times-Star article about the Roebling Suspension Bridge.

Folder 243

n.d. - TD - Typed story about the 1836 Bruce family portraits.

Folder 244

n.d. - TD - Typed short stories by unknown author; one about a flying machine, the other about Christmas.

Folder 245

n.d. - TD - Typed genealogy of the Bruce family.

Folder 246

n.d. - Old envelopes 1860's - 1880's addressed to Henry Bruce Jr.

Folder 247

n.d. - Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and obituaries for Henry Bruce, Mary E. Bruce and Pauline Bruce Duke.

Folder 248

n.d. - Handwritten listing of Henry Bruce Jr.'s daughters and spouses.

Folder 249

n.d. - Handwritten timeline of Henry Bruce Sr.

Folder 250

n.d. - TL - Thanksgiving thoughts of Frederick[?] Sharon mostly about the difficult times the nation was facing but thankful for his good fortune.

Folder 251

n.d. - "Beauties of the Seasons", handwritten tribute to the four seasons; author unknown.

Folder 252

n.d. - ALS - Shary to Mr. Heard regarding John Roebling, Henry Clay and Jefferson Davis.

Folder 253

n.d. - School merit cards of Henrietta Bruce Green.

Folder 254

n.d. - Handwritten religious poem by Henrietta Bruce Green.

Folder 255

11 February [n.y.] - Engraved invitation to Bruce's home, addressed to Mr. S. Lewis.

Folder 256

n.d. - Two notebooks, one with addresses and the other titled "Bruce Records" listing births, deaths and marriages.

Folder 257

n.d. - Handwritten timeline for Henry Bruce on the back of part of musical playbill.

Folder 258

n.d. - Newspaper article about the Bruce clan.

Folder 259

n.d. - "Fables in Slang". Handwritten story by unknown author.

Folder 260

n.d. - Miscellaneous notes and receipts of Henry Bruce Jr. on scraps of paper.

Folder 261

n.d. - Business cards for Henry Bruce (Southern Hotel) and Mme. Mears.

Folder 262

n.d. - TD - "Southern Memories" by Sallie Withers Bruce Morrison. Proud memories of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Folder 263

n.d. - "The Guerrillas". A poem from the Richmond Examiner written by a Confederate prisoner while in a Yankee Bastile.

Folder 264

n.d. - ANS - Henrietta Bruce to Jeme[?] thanking her for the doll and that she plays with all the time and mother makes clothes for it. Daddy saw a cow loose and one man caught it while others crowded around.

Folder 265

n.d. - ALS - Babe [Cedar Rapids, Iowa] to Jeme telling her about her trip but that she ants to give up everything she has, even going to college, if Jeme will send Mary to school.

Folder 266

n.d. - AN - Note to Mary Bruce requesting butter and some mutton to tide them over and to send Jemmy so she can stay for the meeting. Send word to Martha Bruce about the meeting so she can attend.

Folder 267

n.d. - Miscellaneous engraved invitations to Misses Bruce for college class day and to the wedding of Alice Drake.

Folder 268

n.d. - Transactions recorded for the income from cattle and lots 1-7 that were sold.

Folder 269

n.d. - Miscellaneous photographs of Bruce family.