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NKU Registration Agreement - Terms and Conditions

Northern Kentucky University’s official method of correspondence with students is via the NKU assigned email address. I understand that I am responsible for regularly (not less than once per week) accessing my NKU assigned email account and for taking any required action indicated in official university correspondence sent to this address.

If I am unable to complete the registration process for any reason and a university official completes the registration process for me, I understand and accept my financial obligation as outlined in this document.


Request and completion of registration constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay tuition and fees for which I am liable. I acknowledge and understand that any money owed to NKU under a payment plan constitutes an educational loan that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy under 11 U.S.C.523(a)(8). I understand and agree that if I do not pay my entire account balance in full by the first due date of each semester, I may be cancelled for non-payment. I understand that my account will also be charged a 1.5% monthly account maintenance fee on the entire outstanding balance if I am past due on any payment or installment payment. I understand that any financial assistance I receive will be applied against my billed charges to reduce my financial obligation.

I am responsible for all outstanding debts and contracts with the University, including but not limited to institutional charges for tuition & fees, room & board, parking citations and registration, library fines, course books, health center, insurance, class resource materials etc. The University reserves the right to assess financial penalties on any indebtedness. By clicking accept at the bottom of this page, I agree to reimburse NKU the fees of any collections agency (regional or state), which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of33.3% of the debt; all fees, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees that NKU may incur in such collection efforts on my behalf. Any past due accounts may be referred to an outside collection agency which could result in such fees for collection.

My student account must have a balance of less than $500 before I can register for a future enrollment period. NKU reserves the right to cancel my registration for an enrollment period if my account has a balance of $200 or more from a previous enrollment period. To assist in keeping my account paid I permit NKU to use any Title IV funds received to pay off any balance on my account of less than $200.

I am responsible for reading and understanding the academic calendar entries for any semester(s) I am enrolled in, related to tuition adjustment for courses dropped, on or after the first day of that semester as it is published by the Office of the Registrar at Permission to cancel enrollment does not constitute, nor shall it be construed as, a waiver by NKU of my financial obligation.


I authorize Northern Kentucky University to apply excess funds to all other educationally-related charges, including but not limited to library fines, parking ticket/registration fees, payment plan enrollment fees, late fees, health insurance costs, study abroad fees, graduation fees, dorm damage charges, bar exam fees that have been or maybe charged to my student account during the current award year or loan period.

I authorize Northern Kentucky University to apply excess funds to outstanding educationally-related charges that have been charged to my student account for the prior award year not to exceed $200.00.

Your authorizations will remain in effect for the entire period that you are enrolled at Northern Kentucky University; however this authorization can be cancelled at any time. To modify or cancel authorizations you must contact the Northern Kentucky University Financial Aid Office and complete a new Federal (Title IV) Authorization Statement. Any modification or cancellation is effective on the date Northern Kentucky University Financial Aid Office receives the notice of cancellation.

However, notwithstanding any authorization you provide, any remaining Title IV credit balance will be distributed within 14 calendar days from the date the credit balance was created. All other Title IV funds will be applied to the account in accordance with Title IV regulations.


I authorize NKU, the departments, and their respective agents and contractors to contact me regarding any outstanding debt owed, including repayments of my loan(s), at the current or any future number that I provide for my cellular phone or other wireless device using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial pre-recorded voice or text messages.

Online IRS Form 1098-T Presentment:

NKU electronically provides students with the Internal Revenue Service required 1098-T Tuition Statement form. The electronic 1098-T form may be used for all income tax purposes and is sanctioned by the Internal Revenue Service. The 1098-T form will be available for viewing and printing from NKU's online portal system on or before January 31st of the year following the tax year reported. All future1098-T forms will be furnished electronically. Electronic delivery will remain in effect each year unless you opt out and specifically request a hardcopy by emailing  Please Note:  Receipt of a 1098-T does not constitute a statement or guarantee about a student’s eligibility to claim a tuition tax credit.