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Matriculated Student Tuition Policy (PDF)

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Chief Financial Officer

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Student Account Services

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Approved by:

Board of Regents


I.   Policy Statement

NKU students enrolled in an Undergraduate program of study will be charged for all classes at the undergraduate rate.

NKU students enrolled in Graduate programs of study (including Provisional) will be charged for all classes at the graduate rate.

NKU students dually enrolled in two different degree level programs of study (i.e. Undergraduate and Graduate or Graduate and Professional) will be charged at the highest degree level of courses registered.

NKU students enrolled in the Law Program of study will be charged Law program rates for all courses registered.

Any NKU student changing their primary enrolled program after the published full session drop/add period for that term will be charged for that semester at the original enrolled program of study rate: i.e. Undergraduate program to Graduate program, Graduate program to Undergraduate program, as well as Graduate program to Professional program, Professional program to Graduate program.


II.   Entities Affected

NKU matriculated student body. All campus members, which includes all departments, colleges and divisions.

III.    Authority

Nothing in this policy constitutes a contract, an offer of a contract, or a promise that any tuition or fees ultimately authorized by The Board of Regents will be limited by any term or provision of this policy. The Board of Regents expressly reserve the right and option, in its absolute discretion, to establish tuition or fees at any level it deems appropriate based on a full consideration of the circumstances, and nothing in this policy shall be a basis for any party to rely on tuition or fees of a specified level or based on a specified formula.


IV.   Definitions

Matriculated Student – Any enrolled student at Northern Kentucky University.


V.   Communications

It is the responsibility of campus departments/divisions to communicate this change in tuition policy between its approval and July 1, 2016 when the policy takes effect.


References and Related Materials

References: Related Policies: Related Forms: Revision History:

Supersedes Dually Enrolled Undergraduate and Graduate Students Tuition Policy - 2013