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Revenue Deposits(PDF)    Expenditure Deposits(PDF)    Cash and Checks Revenue Deposits(PDF)

The Excel version of the forms can be downloaded here.  Please note that all three forms are included on this spreadsheet, there are three tabs to choose from.

Please call our office at 859-572-5204 if you have any questions regarding these forms.

NKU Foundation Cash Transmittal 

The NKU Foundation Inc. (NKUF) Cash Transmittal carbon paper form has been replaced with an electronic version of the form:

NKU Foundation Cash Transmittal Form (PDF)

Print two (2) copies of the completed form – place one copy in the NKUF secure tamper-resistant deposit bag labeled ‘Checks/Deposit Slip/Documentation Only.’ Staple the tear-off top portion of the tamper resistant bag that details the date, amount, and bag # to the second copy of the form.  Keep this copy outside of the bag compartments but take it with you when delivering the deposit to Student Account Services. The office representative receiving your deposit will sign this copy upon your delivery to them.  It will serve as your receipt that the deposit was received by Student Account Services.

Units that would like to receive an electronic copy of processed NKUF Cash Transmittal Forms should contact Advancement Services (ext. 7709) if the deposit was a gift contribution and NKU Foundation Accounting (ext. 6608) if the deposit was a non-gift contribution.

Please contact Advancement Services at ext. 7709 or 6976 with questions.