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  • + Where do I find the Student Account Services Office?
    The Student Account Services Office is located on the second floor of the Lucas Administrative Center (AC 235) and can be reached at 859-572-5204. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM.  You can find more information here.
  • + Where is the Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office, Registrar and Bookstore?
    Financial Aid is located on the fourth floor of the LAC 859-572-5143
    Admissions is located on the fourth floor of the LAC 859-572-5220
    Registrar is located on the third floor of the LAC 859-572-5556
    Bookstore is located on the main level of the University Center 859-572-5141
  • + How much will it cost me to attend NKU?
    Students who are considering attending NKU or current students who have not yet registered can find tuition rates on the tuition and fees page.
  • + When will I receive a bill?
    NKU does not mail bills to students since student accounts tend to change frequently. Approximately a month prior to the start of the semester you will receive an account statement to your NKU email address.  You can always view your 'Biller Direct' page on myNKU to see your balance due.
  • + Will I be charged a late fee if I do not receive an account statement?
    Yes, your bill is due the first day of the semester or if you start mid-semester it is due upon registration.  If you are eligible, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in the payment plan.  If you are not on the plan any balance will be charged a late fee of 1.5% monthly.  If you are on the payment plan you will only accrue late charges if you miss a payment.  If you miss a payment you will be charged a 1.5% late fee monthly on your balance until you are caught up.
  • + My employer offers tuition reimbursement.  How does that work?
    In order to comply with federal regulations surrounding Truth-in-Lending disclosures, Northern Kentucky University does not have an Employer Reimbursement Plan.  If a student is receiving tuition reimbursement from their employer, the student will initially be responsible for paying the first semester up front through a variety of options (i.e. government loans by filing the FAFSA, alternative loans, savings, etc.) or any combination of these and other financial resources. Once they complete their first semester, they can use the reimbursement that they receive from their employer to pay for the next semester, and continue this process for subsequent semesters until the final employer reimbursement is made, at which time those funds can go to pay off any loans that were taken out and/or replenish any savings that were depleted to fund the first semester.  At the end of each semester, the employer will usually ask for a copy of an account statement indicating the balance has been paid and by what means.  The student may print off their account statement via their myNKU account under the Biller Direct tab and the Pay Your Bill link.  To avoid any additional fees, the balance will need to be paid in full by the tuition due date each semester.  Students are automatically enrolled in the NKU Installment Plan if they have not paid their account balance by the tuition due date.
  • + Is there a payment plan available?
    Yes, the NKU Payment Plan is available to eligible students. Charges for the semester are broken into four payments.

    The NKU Payment Plan has a $90 enrollment fee. Each payment is 25% of your balancen net of any financial aid you receive. Payments are due approximately 30, 60 and 90 days after the initial due date.  If you are enrolled in the plan and miss a payment you will be charged a late fee of 1.5% of your balance monthly until you are caught up.  Please see the installment plan page for the current semester's due dates.
  • + What if there is an error on my student account?
    First make sure you are registered into the correct number of credit hours and that all financial aid is showing correctly. If your classes are not correct you can make the necessary corrections through myNKU.  If your financial aid is not reflected correctly please call 859-572-5143. If there are other inaccuracies on your student account please call Student Account Services at 859-572-5204.
  • + Can my parents call and get my information?
    Under the Buckley-Pell federal privacy act, NKU cannot give any information to your parents without your written consent.  NKU has simplified the consent process by creating the NKU Authorized User Portal.  The student can grant access any time to Biller Direct on myNKU to any third party that they choose.  Find more information here.
  • + How do I get a parking permit?
    Parking permits may be ordered online at: parking.html
  • Priority Registration

  • + I can't seem to register for classes. What is a Student Account Services Hold?
    You will not be able to register for classes if you have a SAS Balance Hold > $100 on your student account. Log onto myNKU and click on the Biller Direct tab for your current balance. Once your student balance is lower than $100, the hold will be removed and you can register for classes. Please call the Student Account Services Office or stop by should you need any explanation concerning your account balance.
  • Financial Aid

  • + How do I apply for financial aid?
    Applying for financial aid is an annual application process. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), opens every October1st and can be found on the following Web Site: We encourage the completion of the application by January 1st to be considered for limited campus based aid programs.
  • + Were you expecting to see Financial Aid on your account but it's not there?
    Please review the following:
    • Do you owe NKU a balance greater than $200 from a previous semester?
    • Check your NKU email, is the Office of Student Financial Assistance requesting additional documentation?
    • Did you accept your financial aid?
    • If you accepted a federal direct loan, did you complete entrance counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note? (
    • If your parent is borrowing a Parent PLUS loan, did your parent submit a Parent PLUS authorization form (, have an approved credit check on file with, and sign a Master Promissory Note?
    • Are you making satisfactory academic progress? (inside.nku/financialaid.html)
  • + I am receiving a KEES award. What do I do?
    Your KEES award will show on your initial account statement that is emailed to your NKU email account approximately a month before tuition is due.  Your KEES award will be sent to the University approximately one month in to the semester.  If the only balance on your account will be covered by your KEES award, then you will not be charged a payment plan fee or account maintenance fees.
  • + I just applied for financial aid and tuition is now due. I would like to receive a deferment.
    There is no financial aid deferment available for tuition and fees.  If you applied late for financial aid then your aid may not be in on time.  You will be placed on the installment plan automatically and charged all appropriate fees.
  • + Can I get an advance from my financial aid to buy books?
    If you have excess financial aid estimated on your account, have signed up for direct deposit, and have no holds on your account, then you are eligible for a book advance. The advance will be sent electronically to your bank account the week before classes begin. Advances will not be given in the form of a check. Click here for more details.
  • + If I missed out on the book advance, do I have any other options?
    You may be eligible for a book deferment.  If you have not received your financial aid refund and your award has been accepted and approved by the Financial Aid department, please contact Student Account Services so that we can check for eligibility.  Book deferments are only available during the week before classes beginning and the first and second weeks of the semester.  You must have your NKU All Card and will only be able to purchase the books at the University Bookstore.  You cannot receive the book advance and deferment in the same semester.
  • + What should I do if my financial aid is less than what I owe?
    You will be required to pay the difference by the tuition due date.
  • Drops, Withdrawals, Refunds

  • + I never attended class, will I be dropped automatically?
    If you do not attend any classes your professor could drop you for non-attendance.  If you have not paid 50% of your costs by the first payment due date of the NKU Installment Plan you may be administratively dropped from your classes with grades of W, in which case you are still responsible for 50% of your tuition costs.  To avoid the possibility of owing the University you should be sure to drop within the first week of the semester.
  • + My advisor added my classes and I wasn't aware.  Now I'm being charged tuition for classes I never signed up for. What can I do?
    It is typical that an academic advisor may place classes in a student's registration cart upon an advisor/advisee meeting.  However, it is the student's responsibility to review their account continuously to make sure everything is accurate and up-to-date.  When classes are registered through the student's myNKU account, the student must read and sign a Student Statement of Obligation.  This statement explains that classes are being registered.  Once the Obligation Statement has been read and the classes are registered, the student will now be responsible for their account balance.  If the student decides to withdraw from any of the classes, they will need to make sure they are doing so in accordance with the academic calendar to ensure a tuition adjustment and possible refund.
  • + If I drop a course, will my costs be adjusted?
    If you withdraw within the first week of full session classes you should receive a full adjustment of your charges. If you withdraw during the second and third week of full session classes you will receive a 50% adjustment of your charges. After three weeks there will be no further adjustments of charges.  Please check the university academic calendar for all of the proper drop dates.
  • + I had to withdraw from one or more of my classes due to a University error or medical/family situation.  What are my options?
    NKU is aware that students have lives outside of the classroom and that many unforeseen situations may occur during the academic year, forcing the student to withdraw from one or more classes.  When this happens students have the option to file an Appeal for Exception to Tuition Refund Form.  If the student is withdrawing for a medical reason, a Medical Documentation Form must also be submitted with the Appeal.  These forms will need to be submitted to the Student Account Services Office where they will be given to the Tuition Appeal Committee for review every two weeks. A decision will be made and the student will be contacted by the Vice Provost's Office.  The Tuition Appeal Committee will only review appeals based on University error or a medical situation involving the student or a member of their immediate family.  Students only have one year from the beginning date of the semester to file their appeal.  Appeals submitted after the one year time frame will not be considered.
  • + When are refunds issued?
    Refunds are issued by direct deposit approximately seven to ten business days after a credit appears on your student account.  Refund checks may not be picked up under any circumstances.  Please log on to myNKU and click on the Biller Direct tab where you can sign up for direct deposit.
  • + Why did NKU send me a refund (either by check or via ACH)?
    If you are unsure as to why you received funds from NKU or would like more information, please contact the Office of Student Account Services immediately. They can be reached at (859) 572-5204. NKU reserves the right to audit student accounts and correct any and all financial errors identified during the course of the audit. When a corrective action warrants adjustments to a student account, NKU will attempt to make contact with the student to explain the situation and the corrective course of action to reconcile the difference.
  • Making Payments

  • + How can I make payments?
    There are four options for payment:
    1. Online - E-Check payments are accepted online. There is no additional fee for paying with E-Check. 
    2. Online - Credit card payments are accepted online. American Express, Mastercard, VISA, and Discover credit card payments are accepted.  There is a 2.5% service fee for all credit card payments.  Detailed instructions for making payments by credit cards are available here.
    3. By Mail -   Check or money order only.  Please include the student's name and myNKU ID number in the memo section of the check.  Please mail all payments to: Student Account Services, 5320 Campus Drive AC235, Highland Heights, KY 41099. 
    4. In Person - Student Account Services is located on the 2nd floor of the Lucas Administrative Center.  We accept cash, check or money order at the cashier windows.  No credit cards can be accepted at the cashier windows.  Our hours of operation are posted here.  If you are unable to make it during work hours and would like to drop a payment off, please take advantage of our night deposit box which is located down the hallway, leading to the tunnel to the University Center.
  • + Biller Direct asks me for the CID/CVV2 code.  What is that?
    The CVV2 code is on the back of your credit or debit card.  Click here for further details.
  • + I tried to use my debit card to pay but it will not work.
    Most debit cards have a daily limit that may be less than the amount you are trying to pay. Please contact your bank to have them temporarily increase your limit.
  • + How can a student authorize someone else to make payments on their account?
    Due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) parents and other third parties cannot gain access to a student's financial records without authorization from the student.  To simplify student authorization, NKU offers the NKU Authorized User Payment Portal.  The authorized user portal allows students to grant access to as many third parties as they choose.  These guest users can then view the student's financial statements and make payments on the account.  The student grants and has the right to rescind that access at any time. 

    If you are the student and would like to grant this access to a third party, please see:

     Student Instructions for Authorized User Portal

    If your student has already granted you this access, please see:

     Authorized User Instructions for Payment Portal - Paying by Credit Card

    Authorized User Instructions for Payment Portal - Paying by Electronic check
  • + What if I don't pay on time?
    Your bill is due the first day of the semester or if you start mid-semester it is due upon registration.  If you are eligible, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in the payment plan.  If you are not on the plan any balance will be charged a late fee of 1.5% monthly.  If you are on the payment plan you will only accrue late charges if you miss a payment.  If you miss a payment you will be charged a 1.5% late fee monthly on your balance until you are caught up.
  • + I have some special circumstances, what can I do?
    If for some reason you are unable to pay your charges and have extenuating circumstances please contact Student Account Services at 859-572-5204 before tuition is due and ask to speak to a specialist.
  • + I can't register or see my grades.
    If you owe a balance of $500 or more you will not, under any circumstances, be able to perform registration activity. If you owe a balance greater than $5 you will not be able to see or receive your grades.
  • + My employer will pay for my classes. What do I do?
    If your company will pay for your classes upon being billed, bring a signed authorization from your employer to Student Account Services. We will then bill your employer for the cost.
  • + My employer will pay for my tuition if I pass the class. What do I do?
    If your employer uses a reimbursement plan it will be necessary for you to pay your costs by the due date and then get reimbursed by your employer at the end of the semester.
  • + I have a negative balance on my account. What does that mean?
    It means you have a net credit on your account which could be refunded to you.
  • Credit Cards

  • +Why is NKU charging a fee for the use of my credit card?
    NKU is committed to providing students and their families a range of options for paying their educational expenses. The credit card payment method has become prohibitively expensive because of the fees charged by credit card companies to NKU for credit card transaction processing. This expense is paid by University tuition revenues and reduces the tuition dollars available for academic programs and services for all students. Therefore, beginning in August 2013, a service fee on credit card transactions in the amount of 2.5% of the credit card payment will be charged.
  • +Is charging a service fee legal in Kentucky and are other Universities charging a service fee for credit card transactions?
    Yes to both. Recent changes in VISA regulations that prohibited the of charging service fees for processing credit card transactions has allowed government agencies to charge a service fee for processing credit card/debit card transactions for payments on student accounts to higher education institutions. Credit card service fees are not unique to NKU. Other schools across the country currently charge service fees for credit card transactions.
  • +Why is the service fee 2.5%? How was that percentage established?
    2.5% is the amount established by NKU after careful benchmarking of other higher education institutions to cover the credit card transaction fees assessed by credit card companies.
  • +Is there any way I can avoid paying the service fee?
    You can avoid paying the 2.5% service fee by paying online with an e-check, an electronic debit to your checking account. You may also mail a check to: Northern Kentucky University, Student Account Services, 100 Nunn Drive, LAC Room 235, Highland Heights, KY 41099 or bring a check to the Cashier window in the Lucas Administration Center, second floor. Please always include your nine digit NKU student ID number (starting with 100) on the check.
  • +Can I make a credit card payment on my student account over the telephone?
    Credit card payments are not an available payment method by telephone. This is a security measure to ensure confidentiality of your payment information and compliance to PCI-DSS requirements.
  • +Can I pay in person with a credit card on my student account?
    No to minimize fraud and security risks credit card payments are accepted online only via myNKU, under the Biller Direct tab.
  • +Will the service fee that I am charged be included/viewable on my student account or monthly statement?
    The service fee will not appear on your student account or on your NKU statement. This fee is assessed by a third party credit card processing company (Paymetric). You will view a summary payment screen during the credit card payment process that will show your payment, the amount of service fee applied to the transaction and the total payment amount. Upon review, you will be asked to confirm the payment amount that will be processed to your credit card.
  • +What credit cards are accepted at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) for student account payments?
    NKU accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Credit card payments for student accounts can be made online via myNKU (the student portal) and then click on the Biller Direct tab. Authorized payers can go to the authorized payer portal to make credit card payments. We do not accept credit card payments by telephone for security reasons or in person.
  • Form 1098-T

  • + If I received a 1098-T am I eligible for a tax credit?
    Not necessarily.  Receipt of a 1098-T does not constitute a statement or guarantee about a student's eligibility to claim a tuition tax credit.
  • + How will I receive my 1098-T form?
    Beginning with the 2013 calendar year, NKU will no longer mail out paper 1098-T forms.  Notification of availability will be posted on the Student Account Services website on, or before, January 31st. Students may then download and print off copies of their 1098-T form online via their myNKU account under the Biller Direct tab.  Students who do not wish to receive their 1098-T form electronically may opt out and receive a paper copy.  Click here for more 1098-T information.