Payment FAQ's

When will I receive my Bill?

Northern Kentucky University does not send paper statements.

Each month a statement of activity is sent to the university assigned email address of all students that have any kind of activity on their student account.  However there is no need to wait for a statement.  If you register for classes prior to the session start date, you may view and/or pay your student account at any time (24/7) online via myNKU > Biller Direct.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at the beginning of the first session for all courses registered for that semester.  If you decide to register for the second or third session later in the semester, then tuition payment is due upon registration. There are no payment plans available for accelerated online course sessions.

Examples:  If a student registers for the 1st 7 week, 2nd 7 week, and/or full session classes before the start of the semester, tuition is due for all classes registered by the start of the semester.

If a student registers for any of the 1st 5 week, 2nd 5 week and/or 3rd 5 week sessions before classes start in the semester, tuition is due for all classes registered by the start of the semester.

Students who prefer to "pay as you go" should register for each session separately and pay their balance due by the first day of classes for that session. 

What if I am expecting Financial Aid?

It is important that you register for all of your courses for that semester (all sessions) up front to maximize your financial aid award.  If the aid is completed and approved, it will be posted to your account activity statement as ‘estimated aid’ by the tuition due date.  If the aid is not completed and approved by the tuition due date for the semester, the tuition and fees must be paid in full out of pocket.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Alternative Loans - The alternative loans are handled by a third party outside of NKU's financial aid office.  The alternative loan must be applied to your student account by the tuition due date.  Otherwise, you are required to pay the balance out of pocket and be reimbursed once the alternative loan has been processed to your student account.

A refund will be sent for all aid that comes in after that due date.  Direct Deposit Refunds for the Fall and Spring terms are processed on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  Direct Deposit Refunds for the Summer term are processed on Tuesday’s and Friday’s.  All questions concerning financial aid status, verification, options, eligibility or requirements should be directed to Student Financial Assistance at or by calling 859-572-5143.

How do I make a payment?  

  • Online
  • Via US mail
  • In person

Students are strongly encouraged to make electronic payments via Self Service with credit card (2.5% service fee), or electronic check (free).  See detailed instructions below.

Students who elect to pay in person at the cashier's window (cash or check only) may do so by visiting the Student Account Services Office located on the second floor of the Lucas Administration Building, room 235.

Students who elect to mail a personal check or money order may send it to:
(Must include Student ID number)
Northern Kentucky University

Student Account Services
Lucas Administration Center, Room 235
Highland Heights, KY  41099

If you have any questions regarding your student account please contact Student Account Services at 859-572-5204.

How do I pay online?

Payments can be made online (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) by going to MyNKU and following these instructions:

1.     Online - E-Check payment.

There is no additional fee for paying with E-Check.

Log into MyNKU – Biller Direct Tab → Pay Your Bill → Pay Bill Now →Select Payment Method (E-Check) → Enter Payment Information → Review → Confirm

Detailed instructions for creating and making payments by a new E-Check account are available here.

Detailed instructions for making payments by an existing E-Check account are available here.

2.     Online - Credit card payment.  

VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted. 

There is a 2.5% service fee for all credit card payments.

Log into MyNKU – Biller Direct Tab → Pay Your Bill → Pay Bill Now →Select Payment Method (Credit Card) → Enter Payment Information → Review → Confirm

Detailed instructions for making payments by credit cards are available here.

How to sign up to have your refund sent directly to your checking account via Direct Deposit

Log into MyNKU – Click on Biller Direct Tab → Select Manage Bank Accounts → Click Add Account → Enter Bank Account Details → Check Box for Account to Refund → Click Review → Click Confirm

Detailed instructions for setting up direct deposit are available here.

Detailed instructions for deleting bank information is available here.  

Can my classes be dropped for nonpayment?

Yes, payment for each session’s courses is due by the published due date for the semester.  Unpaid courses will be dropped for nonpayment early in the morning of the next business day following the payment due date.

Can I set up a payment plan for my courses?

No, due to the short nature of each session; accelerated online majors do not qualify for a payment plan.  Your courses must be paid for in full, per the Academic Calendar  (typically the first day of classes).  If you are registering for later sessions within the semester (after the initial due date of the semester), payment for those courses is due immediately.

If my courses are dropped for non-payment, can I be reinstated?

There is no reinstatement process for accelerated online majors.

Why do I have a Student Account Services hold?

Financial holds will be placed on accelerated online majors who maintain an outstanding term balance.  This hold prevents registration for future sessions and receiving an official transcript.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement – how does that work?

In order to comply with federal regulations surrounding Truth-in-Lending disclosures, Northern Kentucky University does not have an Employer Reimbursement Plan.  If you anticipate receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer, the student will initially be responsible for paying the first semester up front through a variety of options (i.e. government loans, filing the FAFSA, alternative loans, savings, etc.) or any combination of these and other financial resources.  Once you’ve completed the first semester you can use the reimbursement that you received from your employer to pay for the next semester, and continue this process for subsequent semesters.

Do I have to give NKU my Social Security Number?

NKU is required by federal tax law to include each student’s federally assigned SSN, ITIN, or ATIN on IRS Form 1098-T that is issued annually to each student.

Failing to provide NKU with your federally assigned number has possible tax consequences for you, and the university.

The federal government has the power to impose penalties against NKU for our submissions of Forms 1098-T without a student’s correct SSN, ITIN, or ATIN.  If any such penalties do get asserted against NKU, we reserve the right to bill any student for their allocable portion of those penalties, if the student chose not to provide that information upon application to NKU. 

How will I receive my Tax Form 1098-T?

Tax Form 1098-T is delivered electronically and will be available for viewing and printing by January 31st. Students may then download and print off copies of their 1098-T form online via their myNKU account under the Biller Direct tab.  Students who do not wish to receive their 1098-T form electronically may opt out and receive a paper copy.  Click here for more 1098-T information.  

If I received a 1098-T tax form, am I eligible for a tax credit?

Not necessarily.  Receipt of a 1098-T does not constitute a statement or guarantee about a student’s eligibility to claim a tuition tax credit.

What happens if my Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is missing or incorrect?

Reporting to the IRS is dependent on your correct SSN or ITIN you provided. It is very important for you to have the correct information on file with the University. The University solicits bi-annually for these updates in May and September. If you did not comply with corrections at that time, the latest deadline to provide a missing or incorrect SSN-ITIN to the University is Friday, January 10, 2020 to ensure the information is correct on the 2019 1098T. If you fail to provide correct information by the specified due date above, and it results in a penalty from the IRS, you will be responsible to pay this penalty. Your student account will be charged accordingly.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about my Bill?

A variety of charges and credits make up your student statement.  Student Account Services compiles multiple sources of information (from NKU departments), such as fees, waivers, approved financial aid and charges generated at the time of registration to create a monthly statement of activity.  If you have questions regarding your statement, contact Student Account Services at or by calling 859-572-5204.

Please note that Student Account Services makes every effort to answer questions received but may have to refer you to another department to resolve your inquiry.

All questions concerning financial aid status, verification, options, eligibility, or requirements should be directed to Financial Aid Services at  or by calling 859-572-5143.