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Did you know that your classes can be cancelled if you don't keep up with tuition payments? Below, you'll find information on NKU's Cancellation Policy, due dates for your tuition payments, NKU's installment payment plan and how to avoid a financial warning, so be sure to read it carefully.

If you would like to go ahead and make a payment now, click here to go to MyNKU, and click on the "Biller Direct" tab after logging in. 

Minimum payment criteria include the following: 

1. Full payment by cash, check, credit card or financial aid by NKU’s established tuition due date.

2. Enter the NKU Installment Plan.  

Students who have their classes cancelled as a result of non-payment are responsible for 100% of the credit hours billed. Questions concerning the reinstatement process for the Fall and Spring semesters can be directed to Student Account Services.

Students who fail to have their financial aid in place when the semester begins will be responsible for paying their bill in accordance with options 1 or 2 above and can later receive their financial aid as a reimbursement.

Students who register and later change their plans for attendance should not rely on the cancellation for non-payment or cancellation for non-attendance processes to complete administrative drops for them. Those who no longer wish to be enrolled must drop their courses via myNKU and officially withdraw for accurate determination of their financial obligation to the university, if any.

Summer Deregistration

NKU does not cancel Summer semester classes for non-payment; however any student with a delinquent account balance over $500 after the final installment plan due date of the Summer semester will be de-registered from their upcoming Fall semester classes.  Fall course de-registration will occur prior to the Fall semester beginning.  The student will still be held responsible for the full amount of the Summer semester charges.  All Fall tuition charges will be removed for those courses that are de-registered.