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Don’t know where to start…we’ll show you the way! The Department of Campus Recreation has personal trainers to help you reach your goals.  Whether it be weight loss, strength building, flexibility, or cardiovascular fitness we'll be there to guide you along the way. All trainers are nationally certified.

Packages & Rates

1-on-1 Session Packages
Students Non-Students
Warm-up (2 sessions) $60 $90
Strong ( 5 sessions) $114 $174
Achieve (11 sessions) $216 $336
Conquer (15 sessions) $272 $432
Buddy Training Students Non-Students
Gold (2 sessions)
$90 ($45/person) $135 ($67.50/person)
Black (5 sessions) $150 ($75/person) $240 ($120/person)
Victor (11 sessions)
$240 ($120/person) $420 ($210/person)
  • Fitness Assessment is included in all packages
  • Buddy Training consists of 2 people per session.
  • To receive the student rate, both Buddy Training participants must be current NKU students.
  • Both participants of the Buddy Training must make their payments at the same time.
  • For any additional questions or concerns please email us at

Personal Training Fitness Assessment

Students - $15 / Non-Students - $20

Personal Training Fitness Assessment Includes:

  • Interactive Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate
  • Interactive Modified Sit & Reach Test (Flexibility)
  • Optional Interactive Body Composition Assessments (Body Fat percentage)
  • Interactive Strength Tests
  • V02Max Analysis (Cardiovascular Fitness)

Meet Our Trainers