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Community service is an important value here at Northern Kentucky University. In a typical academic year, students volunteer more than 22,000 hours for the campus and local community. 

The Center for Student Engagement hosts several service opportunities throughout the year. Sign up can be found on Presence

 Fall 2021 Service Dates*

  • August 28 - VictorFest Day of Service
  • September 25 - Service on Saturday
  • October 5 - Big Pink Volleyball Tournament
  • November 6 - FSLC Gives Back!
  • December - Holiday Donation Drives

*Dates subject to change. Refer to the Presence Calendar for full calendar and details.


What Counts As Service?

Northern Kentucky University defines service as:
"Work provided by an individual or group to the benefit of others in which academic or financial credit is not received."
Students can complete service on or off of campus to recieve credit. Service hours are recorded from May to April each year. 


  • Victor's Volunteers

    Student Engagement wants to recognize all of the service that Northern Kentucky University students give to the campus and local community. Any student who completes and logs at least 25 hours in a year (May - April) is designated as a Victor's Volunteer. Find more information about this program on this page.