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College Panhellenic Association (CPH)

Panhellenic students

The College Panhellenic Association is made up of 7 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities and 1 associate sorority and serves as the governing body to these organizations. The College Panhellenic Association is considered a Registered Student Organization, and provides a support system for all NPC chapters on campus. CPH promotes scholarship, leadership development, and community service. The College Panhellenic Council is also the coordinating body for NPC sorority recruitment.


  • Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Delta Gamma
  • Delta Zeta
  • Kappa Delta
  • Phi Mu
  • Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Theta Phi Alpha

Register for Panhellenic Recruitment

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Panhellenic (Sorority) Formal Recruitment for the Fall 2021 Semester will take place September 9th through the 12th. Registration is now open via the form below. The Panhellenic Council, as well as all chapters, will be tabling at the registration days this summer, so please say hello!

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Executive Council

Jessica Archer
Executive Vice President
Katie Clough
Vice President of Membership
Karla Arango
Vice President of Programming
Halleigh Brown
Vice President of Communications
Maddie Jaehnen
Director of Special Events and Scholarship
Bella Bryan
Director of Recruitment Counselors
Tessa Grissom
Asst. Director of Recruitment Counselors
Bella Tuck
Director of Marketing
Jillian Garrett
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusivion
Lindsey Dames

CPH Bylaws


CPH Recruitment Rules


Recruitment Rules of Northern Kentucky University Panhellenic Association

I.  Statement of Positive Panhellenic Contact

We, the women of Northern Kentucky University, will promote Panhellenic-spirited contact with all potential new members throughout the year. Strict silence will begin at 7:00 PM on the first day of recruitment and last until bid distribution. No sorority member, including alumnae and new members, may communicate or live with potential new members during this period. Strict silence is defined as verbal, nonverbal, written, printed, text message and electronic communication or communicating through a third party. If potential new members live in a residence hall with a sorority member, only casual greetings and contact are permitted.

II.  Statement of Adherence to NPC Unanimous Agreements and Policies Regarding Recruitment

All NPC member organizations represented at Northern Kentucky University believe in strictly adhering to NPC Unanimous Agreements and policies. These valued and non-negotiable policies will be followed by all groups during the recruitment process.  A complete copy of all NPC Unanimous Agreements is provided to the Chapter Leadership each year.  Chapters will be held accountable for educating Chapter Members and Alumnae regarding behavior expectations associated with the NPC Unanimous Agreements.

III.  Statement of “No Frills Recruitment”

Recruitment parties of Northern Kentucky University shall consist of maximum conversation time, tables with displays pertaining to the event and water for potential new members. Please see recruitment logistics for details regarding limits and prohibited items.  The recruitment budget shall be set at $1,000.00.  A detailed and itemized list of expenditures must be submitted at the Recruitment Wrap-up meeting.  Please see recruitment logistics for specific details.

IV.  Statement of Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement

The Northern Kentucky University Panhellenic will uphold and use the MRABA for each potential new member interested in joining a women’s fraternity, whether during formal or informal recruitment. We agree to all policies/steps pertaining to the MRABA.

V.  Statement of Values-Based Recruitment

We, the members of Northern Kentucky University Panhellenic, pledge to promote the following practices during membership recruitment:

1)  Consider values-based conversations.

2)  Choose recruitment activities and behaviors that reflect the core values of our organizations.

3)  Engage in conversations that include topics related to our core values.

4)  Make informed choices about potential new members.

5)  Educate potential new members about the chapter’s values, and connect to these values.

VI.  Automatic Reset of Total

To allow groups to achieve parity as quickly as possible at the conclusion of primary recruitment, the Panhellenic Association of Northern Kentucky University shall automatically reset total at the first meeting of the Association held following the conclusion of the Formal Recruitment and Bid Acceptance activities. This meeting must take place within 72 hours of the conclusion of Bid Acceptance.  Total will be determined by the median chapter size.

VII.  Statement regarding Recruitment Counselor Disaffiliation

Recruitment Counselors (Gamma Chis) agree to remain unbiased and Panhellenic in all dealing with Potential New Members (PNMs).  Recruitment Counselors can acknowledge chapter affiliation, however indicating that their role is to be Panhellenic and supportive of all chapters.  There should be no special information shared nor implication given to the PNM about a Recruitment Counselor’s specific chapter or the chapter’s membership selection process/decisions.  Questions asked by PNMs that speak directly to a chapter’s specific activities and policies should be directed back to the chapter or to a Panhellenic Exec member by the Gamma Chi.  Please see the Recruitment Logistics document for additional information regarding Gamma Chi and Chapter expectations.