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Community Programs

When you join a fraternity or sorority at Northern Kentucky University, you benefit from the many educational programs our community offers! As a fraternity/sorority member, you will have the opportunity to develop skills related to: leading a team, networking, managing budgets, time management, and many more! A few programs that cultivate these skills are outlined below.

FSL Leadership Retreat

-- Overnight retreat for chapter presidents and executive council officers --
-- Focuses on building relationships and developing leadership skills --
-- Fosters networking and idea sharing --


Council Executive Boards

-- Provide overall direction and guidance to chapter leadership and fraternity/sorority community --
-- Opportunity to network with fellow fraternity/sorority members and a place for dialogue within the community --
-- Facilitates community-wide education related to risk management, sexual assault prevention, inclusion, academic achievement, mental health, and more --


Fraternity and Sorority Awards

-- Recognizes and rewards chpters achieving a high standard --
-- Incentivizes relationships with University staff and administration --
-- Promotes academic achievement, community service participation, and campus involvement --