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The individual counseling fee is suspended for Spring 2021 


Counseling Services are available via phone, video telehealth, or in person services as appropriate by appointment only. 

Please call 859-572-5650 to schedule an appointment.

In the event of a crisis/urgent matter, a clinician will be available by appointment during regular business hours (8:15 am-4:30 pm) at 859-572-5650.  For after hour psychological emergencies, please contact 859-572-7777. 

We at Health Counseling and Student Wellness extend our support to members of our campus community who are impacted by the recent events highlighting racial discrimination and social injustice in our country. 

Read our full statement of support |  BIPOC Resources 


Go to the COVID 19 Mental Health Resources Page for more information about Managing Fears and Anxiety about Coronavirus. 

What is TAO?

TAO includes over 150 brief, effective, educational sessions covering over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness, and substance use issues. TAO Includes interactive sessions, mindfulness exercises and practice tools all aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

How to Register for TAO?

1.In your browser window, navigate to

2.Enter First Name, Last Name, and your school email address, using

3.Leave the 'Enrollment Key' field blank.

4.Click Sign Me Up

5.Check your email. You will be sent a Welcome to TAO email with a confirmation link which you must click on to sign in.

Download the TAO Mobile App, Version 3



College is an exciting time filled with opportunities, changes, and challenges. However, there is also the inevitable stress of college life. At Health Counseling and Student Wellness (HCSW) we work to support you to learn about yourself, set your goals, and take charge of your future.
Our counseling staff is experienced in treating a wide variety of concerns. Some common problems that prompt students to seek counseling services include:
  • Stress or anxiety that interferes with school or work performance
  • Previously diagnosed psychological disorders requiring ongoing therapy
  • Difficulties adjusting to college life
  • Relationship problems
  • Episodes of moodiness or depression
  • Issues of grief or loss
  • Victimization due to date rape, sexual abuse or physical abuse
  • Concerns regarding sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Traumatic life events
  • Family conflicts
  • Concerns about close friends or family
  • Substance use/abuse

At HCSW we realize that these and other stressors can often prevent student from reaching their full potential. To help students overcome obstacles and increase overall wellbeing HCSW offers a variety of confidential services including: 

Email: | Phone: 859-572-5650 | Fax: 859-572-5615

Afterhours Emergency: 859-572-7777 

Hours: 8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday through Friday

Health Counseling and Student Wellness
University Center 440
Nunn Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41099

Crisis Resources
Visit for more information about the Coronavirus anxiety workbook
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