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Spring 2022 Closing Information


Thank you for coming to the Spring 2022 Closing webpage! This webpage contains information to the overall residence hall closing. Building and community-specific information will be discussed at your Closing Floor Meeting with your Resident Assistant (RA). Below is valuable information you need to know to move out successfully from your residence hall space.

Spring 2022 Residence Hall Closing Timeline

  • March 22 – April 1 – Mandatory Closing Floor Meetings facilitated by your RA
  • April 1 – April 15 – Resident sign up for a move-out time as part of the move-out process
  • April 15 – Resident move-out time sign up form closes at 5pm
  • April 15 – May 2 – Residents pack their belongings in time for their move-out
  • May 2 – May 14 – Resident move-out from their assigned residential community
  • May 14 - All residential communities close on Saturday, May 14 at 12pm.

Closing Floor Meetings with your RA

Residents are required to attend their Closing Floor meeting. RAs will have posted information in your residence hall community about the location and time of your Closing Floor Meeting. Failure to attend may be considered an improper check-out and additional fees may be assessed.

Resident Move-out Sign Up

Residents will be required to sign up for a move-out time with their RA. Please follow the directions below to sign up for a move-out time.

  • Go to the Housing website
  • Under resources on the right-hand side – click manage your housing
  • Log-in to housing portal
  • On the home page of the housing portal, under assignments – select a checkout time from the drop-down menu
  • Residents who do not sign up for a check-out time by April 15 at 5pm will not be able to sign up after.

All residents must sign up for a move-out time by Friday, April 15 at 5pm. Residents failing to sign up for a move-out time may be subject to an improper check and additional fees may be applied to your account.

Resident To Do List for Move-out

  • Sign-up for a move-out time by April 15 at 5pm
  • Make sure to clean your room/apartment space thoroughly to the best of your ability
  • Change your mailing address on your myNKU and on any other websites you have used the NKU housing mailing address. Packages will not be forwarded
  • Take out all trash to the dumpster
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Defrost, clean and remove all perishable items from your refrigerator
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Turn off all the lights
  • Turn your thermostat to 72-74 degrees (if you have one)
  • Close and lock your doors

Room Inspections

As part of the move-out experience, RAs/Housing staff will be conducting room inspections each time a resident moves out of their residential space. RAs/Housing staff will be opening all drawers, closet/wardrobes, bathrooms, cabinets, etc. in the bedrooms and common spaces to ensure all personal items have been removed from the space.

If any items are left behind, residents may be assessed fees for property removal for the time and number of items left behind.

RAs/Housing Staff will be taking note of the cleanliness of your residential room space and all common areas. Do your best to sweep, mop, and wipe down all surfaces including inside any drawer space to the best of your ability.


Defrost and remove all items from your refrigerators. When defrosting your refrigerator, please place a towel underneath to catch any condensation. Any items left in the refrigerator after the last roommate has moved out will be charged for the time and number of items removed to the entire room or suite.

Mail Forwarding

Please change your mailing address in your myNKU as well as any other sites you may have used the on-campus mailing addresses (e.g., Amazon, USPS, UPS, Pharmacies, etc.). University housing will not be forwarding any mail or packages received after move-out has occurred.

Do you have questions about closing?

Should you have any questions regarding any closing related items, please connect with your RA or Housing Professional staff of your residential community.  Good luck with the remainder of the Spring Semester!