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The mission of the LGBTQ Programs and Services Student Ambassadors is to cultivate a welcoming, inclusive campus environment for LGBTQA students, faculty, and staff, through programs and services that promote education, advocacy, and awareness of LGBTQA issues and identities. In addition, the Ambassadors work to improve intercultural competencies across campus through workshops, trainings, classroom presentations, and visibility of LGBTQA lives.

2019-2020 LGBTQA Student Ambassadors

Jarett Lopez, Lead LGBTQ P&S Ambassador; President, Student Government Association;

Isabel Sleczkowski, Lead LGBTQ P&S Ambassador; President, Lavender Society

Kaetlyn Dyer, LGBTQ P&S Education Ambassador;

Mer Read, LGBTQ P&S Ambassador; President, Common Ground;

Anna Burt, LGBTQ P&S Ambassador; Vice-President, Common Ground;

Liam Smalling, LGBTQ P&S Ambassador; President, The Gender Initiative (TGI);

Quinn James, LGBTQ P&S Ambassador; 

Ray Archer, President, Friends of Dorothy;

Purpose of Student Ambassador Program:

The Student Ambassador Program aids the Office of LGBTQ P & S with the development of programs and initiatives intended to better the campus climate for LGBTQA students, faculty, and staff. A successful LGBTQA Student Ambassador will:

· Carry out the mission of the LGBTQ Programs & Service office and the Center for Student Inclusiveness.

· Serve as a representative of LGBTQ P&S and CSI.

· Serve as a point of contact for those visiting the LGBTQ P & S office.

· Maintain regular office hours in the Center for Student Inclusiveness.

· Work on campus climate initiatives in tandem with LGBTQ P & S staff.

· Develop leadership through programming and collaborative endeavors, including planning and supporting various events throughout the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

· Assist in creating and supporting programming for LGBTQ History Month and LGBTQ Pride Week.

· Assist with Social Media and LGBTQ P & S website updates.

· Co-facilitate Allied Zone trainings, Trans Ally Trainings, and Speak Out Panels as needed.

· Other duties as assigned.


· Must be an undergraduate student and have completed at least 1 year at NKU.

· Demonstrated interest and knowledge of LGBTQA issues.

· Outstanding communication, leadership, and active listening skills.

· Passion and motivation for improving campus climate for LGBTQA individuals.

· Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Responsible to: Director of LGBTQ Programs & Services 

Interested in being an LGBTQ Ambassador? Email for more information!