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Common Ground

Meetings: Thursdays @ 5pm in SU 102
President: Kaetlyn Dyer
Vice-President: Merideth Read
Faculty Advisor: Kristie Vise

Common Ground is an LGBTQA+ student group that welcomes individuals of any identity. The group is aimed at education and advocacy on campus and for the surrounding communities, as well as oroviding a fun, friendly, and safe place for LGBTQA+ students to meet and gather.


Lavender Society

Meetings: Every Other Tuesday @ 5:30 in SU 102

President: Isabel Sleczkowski

Vice-President: Jezreel Forand

Faculty Advisor: Bonnie Meyer

Lavender Society is an alliance of WLW and NBLW that work together to make a stronger community for Lesbians, Bisexuals, Pansexuals, etc. 


The Gender Initiative (T.G.I.)

Meetings: Email for meeting information
President: Liam Smalling
Faculty Advisor:  Bonnie Meyer and Dr. Aimee Krug

The Gender Initiative (TGI) is wrapped around two missions. First, to increase visibility of Trans and/or Gender Non-Conforming students on Northern Kentucky's campus. Secondly, to provide a safe place for those individuals to network. 

TGI is in search of student leaders to rebuild and activate this organization. To get involved, contact the TGI Faculty Advisors: Bonnie Meyer at and Dr. Aimee Krug at