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About Us

We recognize that student parents have a unique challenge as they are often required to manage school, work, and parenthood. In the Parents Attending College office we strive to make the challenge a little bit easier by:

  • Connecting student parents to all available services that NKU offers to foster success, including, but not limited to, the Early Learning Campus, Student Support Services, Career Development Center, Learning Assistance Center, Academic Advising, etc;
  • Assisting students in locating on-campus student employment;
  • Being a point of contact on the campus for K-TAP recipients;
  • Providing resource and referral services to both on-campus and community resources;
  • Providing case management services that include, but are not limited to, assessment, mentoring, counseling and referrals;
  • Developing support groups, job skills training, and educational programs designed to enhance educational success and future employability; and,
  • Providing a child friendly lounge for student use with computers.
Parents Attending College
Student Union 312
20 Kenton Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41099
(859) 572-5988


Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:15a - 4:30p (excluding University holidays)


  • Our Mission


    Parents Attending College will nurture the abilities of student parents through the offering of, and referral to, high quality programs focused on academic, career, and personal success, with a vision of all student parents graduating.

  • Meet the Staff

    Meet the staff in Parents Attending College.