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The Northern Kentucky University Police Department endeavors to engage our stakeholders in a variety of manners and to help develop and support the university and student success. One way to do so is the implementation of an internship program. Our objective is to provide a hands-on learning experience to enhance the student’s understanding of law enforcement responsibilities, duties and techniques, as well as the criminal justice system process.

Participants will engage in work impacting the department’s provision of public safety services. This includes working independently, as appropriate, as well as under the direct supervision sworn and nonsworn personnel in the discharge of their official duties. The 16 week program will provide participants a strong background in campus policing as well as providing the opportunity to build connections with the law enforcement community.

Program Format:

University Police’s internship will give participants exposure to:

• Community Policing
• Patrol
• Investigations
• Dispatch/Communications
• Special Event Safety Planning and Coordination
• Police Administration
• Non-traditional Policing
• Public Relations and Engagement (Media communications)
• Constitutional Policing
• Ethics