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  • Textbooks often are left unattended in public areas.
  • Textbooks are easily resold.
  • Textbooks are increasing in value.
  • Often owners cannot be identified.

It's unfortunate, but some people steal.  One of the major expenses of attending a university is the cost of textbooks.  The average student spends $250-$300 per semester on textbooks.  And, because textbooks may be re-sold for cash, they make attractive targets for thieves.

Throughout the year, the University Police receives complaints of book theft, especially at the beginning and end of the semester and around the holidays.

The University Police Department offers you several tips that will reduce your chances of being a victim of book theft.

Textbook Theft Prevention Tips

  • Never leave your possession unattended in public places.  Remember, the majority of thefts on campus are thefts of opportunity.  Most items are stolen because they are left unattended. 
  • The only way to stop a person from selling a book back or accuse a person of stealing someone's book is to see if the book has a designated mark. 
    • Marking your possession with an identifying number is an effective method of deterring theft. 
    • Thieves find it more difficult to dispose of stolen articles that can be traced through an owner making identification marks. 
    • Students should mark the textbook with an identifying number on a specific page of the textbook and keep a record of it. Mark the corresponding page with your own initials. This way, if the book is stolen, both the police and the bookstores will have a better chance of tracing the book once it is sold back. 
    • If caught with a marked item, the thief can be convicted.  The marked items can also be returned to the rightful owner.
    • Make a list of your books and include the name of the book, type of books, the author and any identifying marks to help the Northern Kentucky University Police Department in the recovery of the lost or stolen book.
  • Report all textbook thefts immediately to the University Police Department and to the local bookstores. By doing so, you can enhance your chances of recovering your textbook.