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Most students never encounter someone acting in an unlawful and/or dangerous manner on campus. However, we do have some guidelines to follow if you come in contact with a disruptive individual or an armed individual. 

Armed Individual

Should you encounter an armed individual

If you witness any armed individual on campus at any time or if an individual is acting in a hostile or belligerent manner, immediately contact University Police at 911 or 572-7777.

If the armed subject is outside the building

  • Turn off all the lights and close and lock all windows and doors.
  • If you can do so safely, get all students on the floor and out of the line of fire.
  • Move to a core area of the building if safe to do so and remain there until an "all clear" instruction is given by an authorized known voice.
  • If the staff or students do not recognize the voice that is giving instructions, they should not change their status.
  • Unknown or unfamiliar voices may be misleading and designed to give false assurances.

If the armed subject is inside the building

  • If it is possible to flee the area safely and avoid danger, do so.
  • Contact University Police at 911 or 572-7777 with your location if possible.
  • If flight is impossible, lock all doors and secure yourself in your space.
  • Get down on the floor or under a desk and remain silent.
  • Get students on the floor and out of the line of fire.
  • Wait for the "all clear" instruction.

If the armed subject comes into your class or office

  • There is no one procedure the authorities can recommend in this situation.
  • Attempt to get the word out to other staff if possible, and call University Police at 911 or 572-7777 if that seems practical.
  • Use common sense. If hiding or fleeing is impossible, attempt to negotiate with the individual.
  • Attempting to overcome the armed subject with force is a last  resort that should only be initiated in the most extreme circumstances.
  • Remember, there may be more than one active armed subject.
  • Wait for the "all clear" instruction.
  • Be careful not to make any changes to the scene of the incident since law enforcement authorities will investigate the area later.
  • In case you must flee, do not go to the normal gathering site for your building. Get as far away from the shooting scene as possible and then contact authorities.

Disruptive Individual

Who is a disruptive individual?

  • An individual who makes threats of physical harm to you, others, or themselves.
  • An individual who has a weapon. Refer to armed subjects  protocol.
  • An individual who behaves in a bizarre manner or exhibits unstable behavior patterns.
  • The individual who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance.

What action should I take?

  • Contact University Police at 911 or 572-7777.
  • Give your name and campus location with a brief explanation of the situation.
  • Take note of the individual's age, personal appearance, clothing, vehicle or any other information that would help identify the individual.

Express your authority with non-verbal cues

  • Sit or stand erect.
  • Square your shoulders.
  • Smile and make eye contact.
  • Speak clearly and distinctly.
  • Maintain a constant voice volume, but not too loud.

Cues to avoid

  • Do not touch your face.
  • Observe the individual's personal space and do not stand too close.
  • Do not touch the person.
  • Do not slouch, glare or sigh at the individual.

Anger management tactics

  • Get their attention: Use their name, ask them to sit down.
  • Acknowledge their feelings: Paraphrase what they say so they will know you are listening.
  • Get them moving: Offer a chair, move them to a private area if possible.
  • Offer assistance: Use the word "we" to include them in the solution process.
  • Tell them exactly what you can do for them and when.
  • Offer an alternative if appropriate.
  • Advise co-workers of the potential problem if possible.
  • Call for aid immediately if you sense the situation is getting out of hand.