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The office of Student Conduct, Rights & Advocacy (SCRA) at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) encourages students to live and learn in a way that is consistent with NKU’s Core Values and the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Through the student conduct process, educational outreach efforts, as well as by supporting students’ success, SCRA prepares students to be engaged stewards of the NKU community.

Our team values accountability, caring, equity, fairness, and well-being. We feel that these values are an extension of, and align with, our strategic role in the division of student affairs at NKU.

We have designed our website to be a valuable resource for students, parents, legal professionals and the University community. Hopefully many of your questions will be answered and if you have any remaining ones, please feel free to contact us at 859-572-5147 or at

Our office is located in the Student Union, room 301, just above Starbucks.