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Information for NKU Faculty

Academic Misconduct at NKU 

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators at NKU strive to achieve the highest standards of scholarship and integrity. Any violation of the Undergraduate (or Graduate) Student Honor Code is a potentially serious offense because it threatens the quality of scholarship and undermines the integrity of the community. All NKU faculty members are encouraged to report incidents of academic misconduct to the office of Student Conduct, Rights and Advocacy.  While academic in scope, a violation of the NKU Honor Code may be considered a violation of the NKU Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and will follow the adjudication processes described therein.

Through the NKU Honor Code, students who are responsible for academic misconduct may receive sanctions, including, but not limited to, a final grade of “F,” or removal from the course in which the violation occurs. Repeated violations of the NKU Honor Code, or when suspension or expulsion from NKU may be a possible outcome of the violation, the incident will be referred to the office of Student Conduct, Rights and Advocacy for further adjudication.

Before you submit a report, please consult the Undergraduate Honor Code or Graduate Student Honor Code and be prepared to attach a copy of the relevant course syllabus, any relevant student work/documentation of the violation, and any subsequent appeal documentation (if applicable).

Report Academic Misconduct Here

Contact the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Advocacy at (859) 572-5147 for more information.



The NKU Community Care Team, formerly the Students of Concern Committee, is the behavioral intervention team for the Northern Kentucky University and is interdisciplinary in its makeup. The NKU Community Care Team members provide guidance to the Student Conduct, Rights & Advocacy (SCRA) staff on reports received related to students experiencing academically or socially disruptive situations and concerns. The NKU Community Care Team meets regularly during the academic year to provide guidance to SCRA staff on these reports and to advance collaborative solutions for the NKU campus community.

The NKU Community Care Team is charged with:

  • Maintaining a safe campus environment that is conducive to student success while balancing its concern for individual students
  • Use reasonable discretion, based on a record of relevant materials, in order to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of the student(s) involved and the NKU campus community
  • Promote greater engagement of the University community with efforts to report and advocate for students in need of NKU community support

To share information related to a student that may need supportive outreach or assistance navigating life circumstances, or to review resources aroudn supporting such students at NKU, please visit the NKU Community Care website.