The Accuplacer Admission test for Post-Traditional Learners is a comprehensive computerized admission, placement and diagnostic assessment instrument. Northern Kentucky University administers the Accuplacer Admission Test for non-traditional learners who are 21 years of age or older for admission and placement purposes. The Accuplacer Admission test for Post-Traditional Learners can be used in lieu of ACT and SAT scores for admission into the university.


Please remember: High school students submitting Accuplacer and/or COMPASS Placement Test scores will NOT be admitted based on these scores. High school students will be admitted based on ACT and/or SAT scores.

The Accuplacer Admission test is used as an admission and placement test for NKU. If you are admitted to the university and score within the placement testing range on the Accuplacer Admission test, you have the option to take the free Placement Test, which is different from the Accuplacer Admission test. This must be done BEFORE you register for classes.  Please visit the Placement Tests page for information on the test and how to register.


Important Note to Students: Please be aware that the College of Education and the Biology Department have selective admission requirements at NKU which do not accept Accuplacer Admission test scores for admission purposes. The Nursing department does accept the Accuplacer Admission test with certain restrictions. Please contact these offices prior to registering for the Accuplacer Admission test. The Residual ACT, National ACT, or SAT scores may be acceptable for programs that require selective admission.

If you wish to retake the Accuplacer Admission test, you must wait 30 days in between exams.