Amy Danzo, M.Ed.
Director of Testing Services


Favorite thing about NKU: I love how supportive and student-centered NKU is. If students want to succeed, they will. There is a whole network of staff and faculty that are willing to go the extra mile to see students reach that diploma-garnering stage in four years.

Degree and Background: My undergraduate degree is in psychology and my graduate degree is in School/Community Counseling. But, my real passion is higher education. I enjoy being a part of the process of seeing students on their path to graduating in four years.

Tip for Freshmen: Freshmen should always make a point to meet each of their professors at least once during office hours, armed with curiosity about the subject area. It shows that they actually care about succeeding in class. It begins a cycle of positive interaction that can only lead to achievement.

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy writing, running, creating pieces of art, and cleaning/organizing. All of those are key ingredients to my life. I don’t consider parenting a hobby, or else I would list it as first. My one profound love in life is the ability to parent my three amazing children with my husband.