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At this time, we are currently not administering Informatic Competency tests. 


Northern Kentucky University offers its students the ability to show competency in a College of Informatics course, CIT 247. If a student passes the competency test, than he/she may "place out" of the course and move to the next course in the sequence.


Appointments can be made by clicking on the "Register Now" button below. The fee for the Informatics Competency Test is $17 and are offered Monday-Friday, at various times

If you wish to reschedule, you may do so without a charge 7 days prior to your scheduled test date. If you reschedule after the 7-day grace period, you must register and pay the fee again.


CIT 247 - Networking Fundamentals

Course Description

For majors in the informatics fields. The operation of data networks and introduction to Cisco IOS. Read the Test Preparation guide for more information.


Test Preparation

For information on test preparation for CIT 247, please click here. This resource includes information for each of the tests, as well as suggested study topics.