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Understand Your Score

What does my score mean?

ALEKS scores cannot be interpreted in the same way as exam grades.  An ALEKS Assessment Score of 30 or higher indicates adequate preparation for most general education mathematics or statistics courses.

The below chart shows the recommended NKU course placements for various ALEKS scores.

ALEKS Assessment Score

Recommended Course Placement


MAT 101 (Preparation for College Algebra)

MAT 115R (Math for Liberal Arts with Recitation)

STA 205R (Statistical Methods with Recitation)


MAT 102 (Introductory College Algebra)

MAT/STA 110 (Introductory Probability)

MAT 115 (Mathematics for Liberal Arts – QR)

STA 113 (Prob. And Stat. with El. Ed. Applications – QR)

STA 205 (Introduction to Statistical Methods – QR)

STA 212 (Statistics for Business Applications I – QR)


MAT 103 (Intermediate College Algebra)

MAT 114 (Finite Mathematics – QR)


MAT 112 (Applied Calculus)

MAT 119 (Pre-calculus Mathematics)

MAT 185 (Introductory Discrete Mathematics – QR)       

76 or greater

MAT 128 (Calculus A – QR)

MAT 129 (Calculus I – QR)

*QR denotes a course which fulfills the Mathematics & Statistics requirement for general education

Students may enroll in courses at or below their ALEKS score level.  While alternative placements are possible for some courses, NKU strongly recommends adherence to the placements indicated in this chart.  This is to increase chances for success in your first course, which will ensure more timely progress toward your degree, with less risk of having to incur the time and expense of repeating a course.  Additional placement information is available at  MathPlacementChart.pdf