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Committee Members

Peg Adams, Director, U-CAP

Ben Anderson, Director, Counseling Services

Kathleen Barker, Early Alert Specialist, U-CAP

John Bickers, Faculty, Chase Law

Cathy Carson, Associate Director, University Housing

Amy Danzo, Director, Testing Services

Bill Froude, Director, Career Services

Melissa Gorbandt, Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Kim Graboskey, Director, Student Account Services

Angela Calhoun, Associate Registrar

Michael Hinckley, Faculty, History & Geography

Jim Hughes, Faculty, Business Informatics

Whitney Kessinger, Associate Director, Student Financial Assistance

Thom McGovern, Associate Director & Professor, School of Arts

Chris Pischl,  President,  Norse V.E.T.S.

Amy Racke, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Holly Riffe, Professor & Director MSW Program

Kathleen Roberts, Senior Adviser, Unclusive Excellence

Kim Scranage, Vice President, Enrollment and Degree Management

Arnie Slaughter, Director, University Housing

Leah Stewart, Director, Student Financial Assistance

Rees Storm, Director of Advising & Internships, College of Informatics

Jessica Thiede, VITAL (VHACN) Initiative, Program Coordinator

Diane Williams, Director/Faculty, PLUS Learning Center

Ryan Padgett, Asst. VP, Enrollment & Student Success