What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is about maximizing workstation comfort and minimizing health risks.  Our goal is to provide training and education to NKU employees on ergonomic principles and to implement practical, cost effective solutions to identified issues.

Work Station Assessments

A Workstation Assessment is an opportunity for you to work with a trained member of University Wellness to evaluate the comfort and safety of your workstation.  Based on this evaluation, we will provide you with recommendations for improving your workspace:

There are many ways to improve your workstation that require no financial investment. Simply rearranging and/or reorganizing existing equipment can provide a more comfortable and safe work environment.

You may receive recommendations on purchasing new, ergonomically correct office equipment. Your department's budget may allow for such an investment or you may invest in the equipment yourself. However, scheduling a Workstation Assessment in no way obligates you or your department to purchase any equipment.

Work station assessments available on Wednesdays. Call 859-572-1922 to schedule a workstation assessment for recommendations and cost-effective solutions.

Healthy Workplace Products and Try Before You Buy Program

The University Wellness office (GH 139) has a variety of ergonomic chairs, standing desk options, keyboard trays, monitor arms and task lights that can be reviewed before purchasing. 

Ergonomic chairs can be delivered to your office for a trial period of 1-2 weeks. Chair consultations and product viewings can be scheduled with Kim Baker to assist with choosing the products that work best for you.

Contact Kim Baker to schedule an appointment at

Departmental/Group Workstation Assessments and Product Viewing

If there are multiple people in your department that would like to be assessed, you can schedule departmental workstation assessments. Please allow at least 3 weeks lead time to schedule groups of 4 or more.

If there are departmental funds to make a bulk purchase of healthy workplace products, you can schedule a group consultation and viewing of products in the University Wellness Office in Griffin Hall 139. Please schedule at least 2 weeks in advance for group consultations to ensure all products are available for viewing. It is recommended that the department schedule workstation assessments before deciding on any purchases. Delivery of bulk purchases vary and can take 4-6 weeks, so plan accordingly with any budgetary deadlines.