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Academic Innovation

Online Hours

Percent of total completed credits within a year (summer, fall, and spring) by which 50% or more of the delivery of instruction is taken through online and other distance learning, technology-enhanced modes of delivery.

Of all courses completed in the academic year, the percentage of credit hours completed which were delivered through distance learning. Only courses from which students withdrew without penalty, in which students received audit credit, or for which grade reporting was delayed are not included. Distance learning is defined as follows: "Any for-credit instruction where more than 50 percent of the delivery of instruction may utilize any or all of the following: print material, e-mail, telephone, audio tape, video tape, television/VCR, satellite, or computer for access to CD ROM, interactive video, Internet, or the Web. The instructor must be physically separated from the students for the majority of the term. This criterion excludes sessions that may be scheduled individually, such as advising, labs, or testing. KTLN sections that originate from campus are considered distance learning courses."

Source: Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education and NKU Institutional Research

Seniors with Experiential Learning Participation

Percent of seniors who have registered for graduation and responded to the senior survey that they have participated in one or more of the following during their studies at NKU: undergraduate research, study abroad, service learning, internships, practica, clinicals, and fieldwork. 

Source: NKU Institutional Research