Welcome to the Northern Kentucky University strategic planning website





During 2013, our campus community engaged in an extensive and thorough strategic planning process.  With thoughtful contributions from faculty, staff, students, community members, and our Board of Regents, we have developed a 2013-18 Strategic Plan, Fuel the Flame.  This plan will guide us for the next five years toward the 50th anniversary of the founding of this institution. 

An important part of our institution’s history is the basis for why we chose to call this plan Fuel the Flame.  In 1968, when this institution was founded, our predecessors considered six different designs for the new crest.  While the proposed designs varied in several respects, there was one consistent element: a flame.


The flame, which has always graced the seal of our University, represents enlightenment.  The flame symbolizes our collective quest for knowledge, for truth, and for beauty.  That quest continues today with all of us who work and study at NKU.

The flame also symbolizes our appreciation that, within the mind and within the heart of each student, there is a natural spark of curiosity and desire.  At our University, we embrace a special responsibility to transform that innate spark into a lifelong passion for greater understanding, for a commitment to excellence, and for a desire to serve.

But now the real work begins, because implementation of the plan is the most important part of the entire process.  All across our campus, we must work together to execute this plan.  Successful implementation requires discipline and determination – patience and persistence.  

I invite you to view the web version of our strategic plan. You will read about the commitment and dedication that helped build this university.  And, through pictures and words, you will see what we will achieve together as we embrace a bold vision.  Through the execution of this plan, we can ensure that, in 2018, when we mark the 50th anniversary of our founding, we will have many successes to celebrate.

It is our time. Help us fuel the flame.

Geoffrey S. Mearns