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Compatibility - Browsers & Operating Systems

We support most browsers and operating systems, however, we recommend using fully functional products (listed below) when accessing NKU systems. Web browser and operating system updates are released by vendors on different schedules and we are committed to reviewing and testing for compatibility with our major systems routinely. The browsers and operating systems listed below have been tested and proved fully functional to run NKU systems with the noted exceptions. Please check this page before every semester begins to review updates.  

What is an Operating System?

The main software that manages the hardware and other software on the system

What is a browser?

The software used to access the internet
Supported on myNKU     Partially supported on myNKU   Not supported on myNKU



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Web Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE11)
Partially Supported
Microsoft Edge
Not Supported
Apple Safari v7 and up
Mozilla Firefox v42 and up
Google Chrome

Operating Systems

Windows 7 and up
Mac OS
Android OS

Web Browser Notes

Important: Internet Explorer is an outdated browser and is no longer the recommended browser for SAP applications.  IE11 is the final version of Internet Explorer released by Microsoft and is now replaced by Microsoft Edge which is not currently supported by SAP although some applications may work.  SAP and NKU IT recommends that you maintain at least two alternative web browsers (Firefox and Chrome) updated on your PC and other devices. 

If you encounter issues, log off, switch to an alternate browser and try the process again.  Sometimes browsers will encounter broken cookies, links, etc., that cause temporary performance issues.

Exceptions: Internet Explorer (IE11) remains the preferred browser for initiating and approving PAR’s in the myNKU portal.

Non supported browsers can be upgraded at no cost. Contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance upgrading.

If you are an employee, an upgrade to a supported operating system is available. Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.  


How to check which operating system or browser you currently have installed

If you are unsure about which operating system you are running:

  • Windows – go into your control panel and click “Systems.” Under Windows edition, you will see the operating system listed.
  • Macintosh – Under your Apple menu, select “About this Mac.” The version number will be listed there.

If you are unsure about which version of a browser you are currently running, open the browser and under the “Help” menu, select the “About” option (i.e. About Internet Explorer, About Safari, About Firefox).

If you need assistance with updating or rolling back an update, please contact our IT Help Desk.