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The IT website has officially moved over to the new AEM template! If you have trouble finding anything, please contact the IT Help Desk. 


New email tool will screen for credit card data

Sending unencrypted email that contains sensitive information puts the University and your personal information at significant risk. To mitigate that risk, NKU is implementing a new tool from Microsoft on May 1 that uses a formula to automatically scan emails for sensitive information upon transmission. Initially, we will activate the tool to scan for credit card numbers only. In the future, this will be expanded to include other personally identifiable information, such as social security numbers. 

If you send an unencrypted email containing what the system believes to be a credit card number, you will receive an immediate response informing you that the email may contain information not fit for transmission. You will be given the option to send the seized email, however, only do so if you are absolutely sure that your email doesn’t contain such information. IT will continually monitor the reports to ensure the system is functioning as appropriate.

Remember that if you need to send personally identifiable information through email, you must encrypt the message. Instructions on how to encrypt email can be found on our website.

If you have questions about what information is deemed as confidential or private, please refer to the Information Security policy. Also, please view the Credit Card Processing and Security policy for information on appropriate use of credit cards.


Reset your forgotten NKU password via text or email

Now you can add your mobile phone number or non-NKU email address to the password change page! If you forget/expire your password in the future, you will request a validation code be sent as text or email that will allow you to reset your password online quickly. Set up your account now by going to the password change page https://password.nku.edu/ and select “edit password recovery info.” This is a new service. If you encounter any issues, please contact the IT Help Desk or visit Norse Tech Bar in UC. 

System & Security Alerts

Adobe AEM will be down for scheduled maintenance May 4-7. Websites can be viewed, only the editor will be unavailable. 

Access to Blackboard goes away May 31 as we move to Canvas for our learning management system. 

If you notice issues with a system, please notify the IT Help Desk.

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