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The Black Studies (BLS) Program examines, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the experiences of people of African descent by engaging students in a process of investigating the multiple cultural identities that comprise the category African American.

We offer a Black Studies minor that encourages students to explore the pioneering, complex, and distinctively African American contribution to the realities of Africans in the Diaspora. We engage students in the seven core areas of Black Studies: black history, black sociology, black religion, black economics, black politics, black psychology, and the humanities (black literature, art, and music).

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Through these interconnected disciplines, students are able to advance their analysis of and critical thinking about the central role that race plays in our world. Black Studies courses can help students in the classroom and beyond:

  • to understand the historical experiences of African Americans, 
  • to develop awareness of social and economic issues affecting African Americans, 
  • to challenge their thinking about issues of culture and diversity, 
  • to appreciate the contributions of African Americans to U.S. and world cultures,
  • to grow their oral and written communication skills,
  • and to engage their research skills.

NKU students can expect small classes and teaching faculty that offer rigorous and diverse curricula in a supportive environment. The department also practices social activism and implements transdisciplinary pedagogy that connects students with the community both on and off campus, thereby preparing them for life after college.


Catching up with recent graduate...

Cordel George, '17

As both a history major and black studies minor, I found mentorship and support within the Department of History and Geography. In particular, the Black Studies faculty challenged me to embrace a much more purposeful educational experience, rather than just going after a good grade. I came to see that education was always bigger than the assignment; it was about the life lesson. I currently work as an educational aide at Colerain Middle School, assisting kids in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade social studies classrooms. I also lead an after-school club, the African-American Cultural Studies Club, requested by my students. And last spring, I became the youngest ever (at 22!) to serve on the city council for Mt. Healthy, Ohio. Black Studies makes me stand out, and the perspective I have developed has been an advantage in everyday life, not just my jobs.

Cordel George

Black Studies students find satisfying careers in a variety of fields: law and public policy, community service, public history and education, management, and health professions. Black Studies is the perfect add-on to your major degree!

We in the NKU Black Studies Program want you to be a part of this exciting and ever-growing field where you can learn about yourself, your community, and the world around you.


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Academic Advisor, Black Studies

Rebekah Richardson
448 Landrum Academic Center | (859) 572-5374