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Inside NKU

  • A photo of Dr. Terhune's class gathering for a picture in the classroom.

    Changing Hearts and Minds

    “It’s widespread and globally prevalent, but it is largely accepted and ignored. I thought this was a great opportunity to start introducing students to what ageism is."

  • A Different Approach

    "At NKU, there is a sense of 'We appreciate who you are, we value your opinion and we’re going to give you our support.'"

  • Counting on Confidence

    “That’s what I’m trying to focus on: helping students realize the great opportunity they have before they make things harder for themselves."

  • From DACA to Dreams of Management

    “It means a lot because it gives recognition to the people who have paved the way through a more diverse culture, not only as a society but in our day-to-day activities."