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Inside NKU

  • All About Shadows

    "That’s why they’re so rare, because the moon's orbit and the ecliptic, the Earth's orbit, are not perfectly lined up. A solar eclipse is the most dramatic astronomical event that can be predicted.”

  • Advocacy, Support, Education

    "We want to create a more supportive and more responsive campus community."

  • Competence, Integrity and Commitment

    “The university is showing several women at the top right now. A president, a provost and an athletic director are three examples that aren't traditionally held by women, and what people will find is a high level of competence, integrity, hard work and commitment to the place among us."

  • From Scientist to Provost

    "It’s almost like I’m an orchestra leader. I think my role is to see how we can work on the strengths of each person, and that’s where my contributions lie. My vision is to find ways to be more integrated with each other."