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  • Student Spotlight: Katy Andrews

    Student Spotlight: Katy Andrews

    "Getting my degree is important to me because I know it will help me get a better job after graduation. I know I will also make important connections during my time at NKU."

  • Designing New Spaces

    Designing New Spaces

    “I still value a lot of the things I learned from, not just from my full-time faculty at NKU, but even more so the adjuncts. The ones that were bringing in their personal, professional experience from the industry, into the classroom as well.”

  • Treasure at the End of a Winding Path

    Treasure at the End of a Winding Path

    "You never know what trying new things may bring. I went from leaving school, no real motivation for finishing my degree, to someone who is back in school, later in life, excited every day that I get to be a student again.”

  • Students 2 Scholars

    Students 2 Scholars

    "We definitely didn’t want our sophomores to feel left out and continuing that support system is important. They need a professional network of support and to see people that look like them within their profession."