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Diversity Statement

The Department of Psychological Science at Northern Kentucky University recognizes that diversity, in all forms, enhances the learning environment and workplace. It is our goal as a department to promote and elevate diversity as a crucial aspect of personal and professional development in psychology. By applying the tools of our discipline and practicing humility, we seek to support a welcoming and inclusive environment across all aspects of department function, including teaching, research, and service. We aim to listen and incorporate feedback, especially when we can improve the experience of those who have been historically excluded from psychology as a discipline and academia more broadly. Through intentional, ongoing, and transparent action and collaboration across students, alumni, faculty, and staff, we can respond to the ever-evolving diverse society in which we reside. 


a. Communication: To improve communication within our department related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, opportunities, and resources, we will utilize multiple platforms and outreach methods to reassert psychology's role in understanding and promoting DEI while acknowledging that psychology has failed to address systematic inequalities in the field historically.

b. Professional development: To ensure faculty, staff, and students feel empowered and encouraged to contribute in their roles to addressing DEI in the classroom, workplace, and their communities, we will identify and promote participation participation in a variety of professional development opportunities (e.g., seminars, discussions, readings, etc.). Professional development may include: increasing awareness of personal bias; promoting exposure to and understanding perspectives; and enhancing education along with belonging and sense of community.

c. Inclusion: To identify and respond to barriers within and beyond the classroom, we will provide opportunities for open dialogue and complete regular climate assessments to identify barriers to engagement for all students. Once identified from data collected, we will be transparent, intentional, and innovative in responding to those barriers, engaging faculty, staff, and students to arrive at solutions.


Diversity Committe Contact Information (2021-2022)

Committe Coordinator:

Dr. Allyson Graf -

Student Committe Representatives:

Michaela Blythe -

Jordan Holmes -

Committe Members:

Dr. Kahlil King -

Dr. Kinsey Bryant-Lees

Dr. Jeffrey Smith -

Dr. Ty Brumback -

Dr. Rachael Clark -

Christina Knight -

Adriana Mapp -