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The Process Improvement Project Management Committee collects ideas for process improvement. Using input from previous campus-wide surveys and other feedback, the Committee has begun to prioritize the processes for improvement and would like additional input from you to help focus its work. Initial processes being considered include certain HR processes, budget processes, procurement processes, and contract management. We invite you to participate in a short anonymous survey below.

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What is Process Improvement?


To support the Success by Design Strategic Framework and sustain a culture of continuous improvement as we align our policies, procedures, and resources we have created a Process Improvement Project Management Committee consisting of representatives from across campus divisions, colleges, Faculty Senate, and Staff Congress. The purpose of this committee is to identify process improvement opportunities campus-wide, manage a portfolio of current and future process improvement projects, and assemble and mentor process improvement teams. The Committee will share its recommendations with various groups including University Council, President’s Council, and the cabinet. 


Our Methodology: 1. Assemble the Right People 2. Map the Current State 3. Collect Current State Data 4. Design the Future State 5. Develop an Implementation Plan 

Have a question about Process Improvement?

Mike Hales, Co-Chair, Interim VP for Administration and Finance/ CFO

Phone: (859) 572.5208 | E-mail:

Janel Bloch, Co-Chair, Faculty Senate Representative

Phone: (859) 572.5207 | E-mail:

Jennifer Moeves, Administration and Finance Divison Business Officer

Phone: (859) 572-5124 | E-mail: