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This annual report provides information about the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project at Northern Kentucky University for the academic year that included the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters.
NKU Chamber Strings prepare to perform.
Dr. Kajsa Larson speaks to attendees.
NKU President Cady Short-Thompson opens the ceremony.
Dr. Jonathan Cullick presents with his class.
Dr. Megan Downing speaks to the crowd.
A student presents an award to the nonprofit Be Concerned.
A student talks about the nonprofit Caracole.
Student speaks about their experience with the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project.
Nick Bliven of Fuel NKU speaks at the podium.
Nonprofit Hands of Hope receives an award.
A student presents an award to the nonprofit Off The List.
Dr. Jose Saavedra Torres speaks to attendees.

"Philanthropy is not just about giving back.  It teaches students to use critical thinking skills and inspires them to get involved in their community," - student participant.

NKU dove headfirst into student philanthropy in 1999 and has offered classes every year since.  The program has become a model, replicated locally and around the nation.

On our own campus, we've opened the program to all colleges, all disciplines and the full range of NKU students, beginning with high school students taking courses for college credit and continuing through graduate school.

More information is available at Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project.




By the Numbers

Fall 2023

Agencies Funded: 22

Classes: 18

Students: 350

Awarded Money: $36,200

Spring 2024

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Selected Nonprofits and their Investments:

    Fall 2023    

  • $2,000 to First Step Home
  • $2,000 to Off the List
  • $1,000 to Be Concerned
  • $1,000 to Esperanza
  • $2,000 to Caracole
  • $2,000 to Brighton Center's Street Outreach
  • $3,5000 to Lighthouse Youth & Family Services
  • $1,000 to UpSpring
  • $1,000 to Fuel NKU
  • $2,000 to Maysville Hands of Hope
  • $1,850 to the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center
  • $1,850 to the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum
  • $2,000 to New Life Furniture Bank
  • $1,000 plus student fundraising to Campbell County Public Library's Drop Your Drawers program
  • $2,000 to Elementz
  • $2,000 to NorthKey Community Care
  • $2,000 to Campbell County Public Library
  • $2,000 to SOIL
  • $2,000 to Hope Ministries of Northern Kentucky
  • $1,000 to American Legacy Theatre
  • $1,000 to MUSE Cincinnati Women's Choir
  • $2,000 to NKCES Regional Schools Program
  • $2,000 to Ohio Valley Voices

   Spring 2024

  • Coming Soon

Student Reflections

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Coming soon!