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Welcome to Norse Secure!

Knowing the difference between safe and unsafe websites, phishing and a normal email, malware or a safe link, can be difficult to differentiate even for the most experienced security professional. Tweets, blogs, instant messaging, social networking, email, wikis, gaming, and other forms of electronic interaction can be fun, exciting, and innovative, but if used without proper knowledge and protection, these can cause damage to your computer, destroy or expose sensitive data, or even expose your own identity. 

Let Norse Secure be your guide for how to handle data, computer media and the internet:

  • Safeguard your identity
  • Protect yourself online
  • Protect your computer   
  • Protect your data         
  • Create a strong password        
  • Avoid computer viruses            
  • Understand your responsibilities while using NKU systems and networks
  • Follow NKU guidelines for downloads and file sharing
  • Adhere to copyright laws when researching and using data
  • Find out more about security

Do you have a question about information security at NKU?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk at 859-572-6911, or submit an online service request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + How do I protect myself online?
    Unsafe websites, phishing, malware - it's everywhere, but knowing how to stay safe depends more on your behavior than technology. Exercise caution when surfing the Internet, using social media sites, or any other online activity. Learn more.
  • + How do I protect my computer?
    Keeping your system patched, keeping it locked when you step away, running anti-virus, and other best practices can be reviewed by clicking the link under the FAQ "How do I protect myself online?"
  • + How do I protect important data?
    Data, data, everywhere... Responsibility lies within each of us to maintain the security and confidentiality of the information to which we have access and/or control.  Find out here how best to store, transmit and protect data wherever it may reside.  Our Norse Secure Data Security Guide will give you important information regarding data security at NKU.  Also see our Laptop and Mobile Device Safety Guide for tips on mobile device safety. Use Identity Finder to find and remove sensitive data.
  • + Should I encrypt my laptop?
    Encryption can protect the data stored on your system, and is now recommended for all NKU-managed Windows 7 laptops.
  • + What do I need to know about peer-to-peer and copyright infringement?
    Northern Kentucky University provides a high speed network and other information technology resources to help you accomplish your educational goals. When you receive your NKU ID and network access, you consent to abide by the university’s Acceptable Use Policy. More specifically, you agree not to use university resources for unauthorized duplication, use, or distribution of copyrighted materials, including music and video files. NKU considers unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted music and videos to be an inappropriate use of its network resources. Moreover, such activity is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and exposes you to considerable civil and criminal penalties.

Additional security resources:

National Stay Safe Campaign:

Department of Homeland Security:

Educause best practices:

For appropriate media and music download options see the EduCause list of legal alternative sources of online content