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If you need assistance with how to make a purchase, try using the Procurement Decision Tree!

The procurement card (PCARD) program was created to allow the cardholder to efficiently travel and purchase lower dollar amount items.  


PCARD Compliance and Ethics Information:

  • Remember each time a purchase is made, NKU funds are being committed. We have an obligation to show proper stewardship of university resources.
  • The Cardholder is responsible for all purchases made on the card.
  • The PCARD is for university-related purchases only. Personal purchases of any kind are prohibited.
  • It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure the card is reconciled every month in a timely manner, even if the cardholder is not performing the reconciliation.
  • No meals are to be purchased while traveling - you will receive the per diem amount.
  • If you are aware of the misuse of university funds (regardless of if it is a PCARD purchase or not), report it to the proper person.
  • All exceptions must be approved in advance of the purchase.
  • No computers (including laptops) or electronics should be purchased using a PCARD (including iPads).
  • All PCARD applicants must pass the online test with a 100% score before they will receive their cards.



Procurement Card Administrator
Holly Vasquez
Phone - 859-572-5171
Email -
PCARD Website -

The use of a procurement card (PCARD) has several benefits including:

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Widespread acceptance by vendors
  • Increased efficiency
  • Eliminates many requisitions and reimbursements

Suspect or know of fraud, waste, abuse or misuse of university resources? Report it to the Ethics & Compliance Helpline!

Available via phone toll-free at 1-855-597-4539


Online at